Gun Owner Illegally Arrested at His Own Home Acquitted

At approximately 10pm on Thursday night, January 24, 2013, 33-year-old Keith Pantaleon of Jersey City, New Jersey, was in the bedroom of his apartment after a full day’s work – when he heard thumping noises coming from his living room.
Believing that his residence may be being broken into, he grabbed his soft-bound Day Planner case (which also held a lawfully purchased handgun), and cracked open his bedroom door to investigate.
Gun Owner Illegally Arrested at His Own Home AcquittedIn the center of his living room, he saw a man dressed entirely in dark clothing who had his back towards him. He cracked open his door slightly further and saw near the entrance to his apartment a police officer, his landlord, and an EMT worker. When the man dressed in dark clothing in the middle of his living room turned around, he saw it was another police officer.

One of the officers immediately ordered Pantaleon to come out of his bedroom. Pantaleon tossed his unopened Day Planner case onto his bed. As he went to close his bedroom door behind him, one of the officers pushed him into his living room. The officer then ordered Pantaleon to face a corner of his living room and handcuffed him.

As one of the officers watched Pantaleon (who remained in custody in Pantaleon’s living room), the other officer warrantlessly searched Pantaleon’s bedroom.

Officers took Pantaleon to police headquarters, where he was charged with unlawful possession of: two handguns, a rifle, an “assault rifle,” a large capacity magazine, and certain ammunition.

Police caught lying and case thrown out. He lost his job and was called a criminal on the news. Hope he sues the shit out of them.

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  1. jiggy says:

    PIGS in action yet again putting their fascism on full display for the cowering masses. Amazingly again there is no punishment for violating this man’s civil rights. What a disgrace.

  2. 5WarVeteran says:

    It is what I have come to expect from new Joisye.

  3. MG says:

    Just another HOME INVASION kidnapping by the police! Since the victim was ACQUITTED, it shows the police had NO legal AUTHORITY and therefore were the LAWBREAKERS!

    For starters, they violated his 4th Amendment rights!

    When police break the law, they should be held accountable to the MAXIMUM penalty since they’ve violated their privileged position and public trust! Only then will they have respect for the LAW as it is applied EQUALLY removing the HYPOCRISY factor from enforcement!

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