Hardcore Pawn – Fake Gift Card Starts World War III


The new truTV is the most fun ! Watch clips , previews and exclusive new shows as false Off , Friends of the People , and more – plus the video fresh …


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  1. my name says:

    As soon as she started tap tap tapping pointing to the watch.

  2. tube snake says:

    can somebody really be that stupid .

  3. Anjuska C. says:

    Not even good acting

  4. flisko says:

    if this was real the 1:18 high five would not fail

  5. 1:15 failed that high – five

  6. Frank Hughes says:

    Stupid niggers always

  7. I've seen better acting in infomercials

  8. Steve Yates says:

    why do people act so disgusting??????????i hate humans

  9. Nahid Akhtar says:

    Her cousins so ugly

  10. Cian Cullen says:

    they never took the watch back she knew it wasnt a gift card hahahahah

  11. quincy8557 says:

    This is very fake,

  12. tom wright says:

    If I could push a button and that most disgusting pig phuk would dissolve into a pile of what she is made out of, consider the button pushed.

  13. mikeyNC52 says:

    These chicks are hot!

  14. Erick Flores says:

    its funny that "tru" tv has the most fakest shows.

  15. the girl with the blue is ugly, i'd bang ashley

  16. George M says:

    Why do black chicks talk so loud ?

  17. Roy Rogers says:

    And the rest of the world wonders why our cops are killing niggers every day. Watch this show.

  18. This must be an actor because I could swear I saw her on another episode trying to return fake earrings that a "diamond" fell out of without a receipt

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