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Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod! Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot! Subscribe: …


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  1. Tiscotis A says:

    Release the ottomans maybye?

  2. V8 Pr3DZz says:

    It Would Be Good if they added a feature where you could place down a Supply dump, For like 20,000 supplies.

  3. MLG DOGE says:

    now that I think about it maybe you could have puppeted turkey because you're just letting it get killed from the greeks and maybe the russians from the caucases will break through too If there was turkey maybe they would do something against the greeks but i don't know about the russians XD

  4. How about a naval landing at St. Pete? Totally Inchon the AI. It would wet itself. Heck… reverse Normandy. That would be a hoot.

  5. I'm starting to waver on Italian betrayal since real history had them join the Allies in May of 15… which you have passed.

  6. Why don't you cut short the saint peter by taking it with naval landing

  7. Imtiaz Khan says:

    play as turks in victoria 2

  8. Mihkel Mets says:

    That's not how you pronunce Tallinn at all, dude

  9. "I have numerical superiority over the Russians" that is the very first time that phrase has been said

  10. Riganthor says:

    you should have tried to convoy raid around crete before athens fell to make crete lose it's supplies and starve the troops on the island

  11. Wouldn't it be easier to invade the port of crete? There was only a HQ and after that you can easily starve the garrison defending the VP.

  12. florida boy says:

    get rolling barrage and large formation tech 12:37 its under the land the menu

  13. Захвати Москву.

  14. Episode 16: Operation: A Very Ugly Greece Fire
    This episode started off with the French being quite frisky. They did a hard push against the southern German border and managed to take a German province, lose it, retake it, hold it for a month, and ultimately lose it again. The northern half of the French lines were quiet as neither side had the muscle to knock the other side off of the hill. The French made a sneaky landing at the eastern most Turkish port and then did nothing more than squat on the province. Outside of closing down the supply corridor, there is no real clue as to what their goal is.
    North Africa through the Middle East was as quiet as a mouse.
    The Russian front was an absolute free-for-all territory grab. The Germans conducted an overall front push as well as a total blitz up into the northern Baltic holdings. The Germans took a good 35 or so provinces by the end… but still were a pale shadow to the absolute steamroll that Austria was dishing out. They were not content to just advance three provinces across their entire massive front line as well as all of the Crimea. They had to be dicks and do a hard corner turn on the southern German flank to bend the direction of the land claim. Even with all of this 80+ territories grabbed from the Russians…so what? They have thousands of them. It is just a blip on the radar. There is still tons of work to do.
    The Greek front (reaches for antacid) … ugh.. where to begin? This whole area is just a fiesta omelette of color. Austria, Greece, Germany, Italy, France, Rebels, Albanians… Every other province is owned by someone else. What a disaster. The supply pathing is somewhere on the spectrum of zero to donkey balls. The German troops had to retreat back to a port to prevent starving out. The Italians 'took over' in the Greek heartland and did nothing against simple HQ units. A French division in the VP city of Salonika sat on its heels. The Austrians were fiddling about more in the north against straggler Greeks. The Germans moved their navy and transports into a coordinated group to do a shock landing against Crete. This was a well defended position and simple land infantry had such a bad debuff that the attack failed. The French and Greek navies got slapped about trying to stop it. A secondary landing was planned against Athens itself after a regroup. This landing was successful and more local navies were slaughtered. More border gore. Still need Crete. Proper Marines were ordered.
    As a side note, anti tank brigades became available for production before armored cars or tanks ever hit the battlefield as a threat… go figure.
    The Germans lost no ships, but the Allies lost: 1 destroyer, 1 light cruiser, 6 armored cruisers, 2 pre-dreadnoughts… 10 ships.
    The episode faded out on the observation that Italy grew a pair and started attacking the French in the south.
    There were 96 battles
    Losses were: Allies: 36,528 and Germans: 17,144
    Campaign totals are: allies: 1,051,267 and German: 190,920

  15. Play in a full screen. This mod don't crash.

  16. Die Kaiserliche Luftaufklärung benötigt Piloten.

  17. Scorch 17 says:

    I think your allies didn't take Greece because they were out of supplies, just like your troops. That supply system is really fucked up

  18. Scorch 17 says:

    As for the supply situation in the balcan states: you can always just console command yourself a stripe of land through Aus-Hun to provide your troops down there with supply. Pretty gamey trick but it would make things less annoying

  19. Invite Bulgaria to the faction. They will deal with it.

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