Hearts of Iron 3- World War 1 Mod- Ottoman Empire Part 1


Rommel’s Facebook Page!- http://www.facebook.com/RommelsPage Link to mod- http://www.moddb.com/mods/world-war-1-mod Tags: Hearts of Iron 3 Their …


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  1. But you dont fckn know how to drink coffee…
    We Turks.. teached you in 1529 Siege of Vienna…

  2. At the start of ww1 The ottoman empire was really weak.Its times of glory were long gone and its economy was pretty bad also.

  3. von Habsburg says:

    Glory to the Fez!

  4. , every one knows Britian, America made the modern world and Germany is the farther of modern warfare

  5. do you mean the siege in Vienna where a massive ottoman force that was pushing through south Europe who was stopped by a small city defended by mostly mercs cause I forget, silly ottomans at one point even the primitive tribe of the franks kicked yo muslim ass at Tours and Pointers

  6. and where were you when we are fucking hungary,greece,byzantine,even close dance in france where was your 'heroic power' we waited a line battle in siege of vienna its not a defeat

  7. I like Ottoman Empire ! ıt's big country .

  8. ottomaniac says:

    fuckin greeks.. you will never give up to comment all of videos which are about turks or ottoman. fuck you all

  9. Quick question : Does anyone know the victory theme ?

  10. DeadlySavash says:

    Hey Guys, I know people hate these messages. But all i want to do is to have people watch my vids. I dont care about subs. I just want people to have a good time watching my videos. Please give me a chance and watch one of my vids. if not i understand

  11. osmanlı geri geliyor unutmayın :)

  12. mod version please.

  13. Rick Moreno says:

    good stuff man! im always playing the HOI series with the countries like the Ottomans, i find it more enjoyable cause its DIFFICULT AS F*** , oh and i play it on hard too!
    i subscibed to get some hints help and to watch and enjoy! THANKS BRO

  14. this is ottoman empire

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