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Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod as the Russian Empire. Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot!


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  1. what changes do you think the developers of this mod could make to improve the gameplay and/or the historicity of the mod?

  2. I play the angry magnus drinking game… with coffee. It is 6am after all.

  3. The Autogarians will never bow to you, Megatron!

  4. stop it not lovelay as before ww1 mod play man of war 2 star wars

  5. Thanks dad for the new video

  6. Ben, I think your tv is haunted!!!

  7. How do install this mod on a Mac?

  8. valkare1 says:

    I think you're having issues with attack reinforcement because you're not pausing the game. You select a couple units, attack, an hour of time passes, and you select some more units from another province. But because of that hour the game doesn't include them in the initial attack and sticks them into reserves with reinforce chance.

  9. i love your hearts of iron series but i was wondering when you would bring aurora4x back?

  10. User0125 says:

    You!!!! You did it again!!!! Yau called Austria-Hungary the Ottomans again!!!!

  11. Preto Kaiser says:

    You will never destroy the so powerful Austroottogarian Empire XD

  12. Are you considering black ice again?France or Britain would be interesting( i know he did a UK run but it was a long time ago)

  13. MLG DOGE says:

    can i ask a question about the game? I'm pretty new to it
    when you a have pretty fat stack attacking a province and then you realize it's pointless how do you cancel the attack for all units in the stack without clicking at each one and cancelling it for each one?

  14. Mark Larsen says:

    How do u zoom in and out without hitting the pluse and minest buttons ???

  15. davey mulder says:

    Would you recommend hoi3 or darkest hour for my first encounter with these kind of games?

  16. Ben, if you want to have super bloody trench like battles, make all the stats larger, like in Blackice they had like 11 soft attack (infantry) by 1938, in this it is like 4

  17. Tiscotis A says:

    We need more ic for WEED

  18. Prepare my friend. White Russia or The Soviet Union.

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