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Lets Play Hearts of Iron 3 with the World War 1 (WW1) mod as the Russian Empire. Dont forget to hit that like button and leave a comment, its helps out a lot!


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  1. Tiscotis A says:

    Qing empire for lols!

  2. Zach Chaffin says:

    Please tell me you aren't just planning on giving up warsaw, you read that wrong lol. x.x

  3. Jack Barker says:

    You lose the modifier if you go to war

  4. Ben, I know you pre record, but losing Warsaw is a very very bad thing as the leadership strategic effect stays in place if you are at peace OR you lose Warsaw, so the moment you go to war you lose that effect but if Warsaw falls you gain it again!

  5. Sven O says:

    You lose the Russian leadership modifier at the start of the war. It is not only when you lose Warsaw.

  6. I will never give you crap for manually organizing the army structure. That it right in my wheelhouse and personality. Sending troops across Romania seems a waste while they are neutral. A few extra garrison units should suffice as they may never join in.

  7. 51 minute episode? … whoa. gonna have to speed 1.5x this one. (later edit: Only a 31 minute episode with 20 minutes of some Swedish art house haute theater at the end. The stillness of the black, bleak universe. Contemplate the void. What is the sound of one hand clapping?)

  8. Ben, there are some 20 minutes blackscreen at the end after your record :/

  9. nooo don't give up Warsaw you need to own Warsaw and be at war to stop the leadership troubles

  10. Moredread25 says:

    I'm actually surprised you didn't do all your re-org in all the first episode. So much organization confusion. I got in the habit of actually manually naming all of my corps so I could actually distinguish between them.

  11. Hi Benjamin, I saw in the first part that it would be possible to create Polen like a puppet. Maybe you will loose the negative strategic effect and Polen maybe could be on time to create an army.

  12. DASDASA says:

    .?BLACK ICE BRITAN continue

  13. Yess git up Poland Comrade Magnus then my rise to power will be quicker. Because you know what they say Russia fucks you.

  14. farer0202 says:

    you lose the russian leadership troubel when you are at war and get it again when you lose warsaw

  15. aced1592 says:

    Do you have a reddit page?

  16. Matthew Hall says:

    does the AI get endless manpower in this mod? From memory the western front stays pretty static for the AI

  17. Ordinary Guy says:

    Hey Benjamin! Out of topic question, can you send me your provinces sub-folder in the tfh folder? I installed a mod that deletes it but i forgot to backup it.

  18. Ben I think that it said you lose leader modifier and officer modifier

  19. and Ben something you can do is just send the garrisons down to Romania and send the other troops somewhere else

  20. Hey can you provide a link to this mod

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