Hearts of Iron 4 – Soviet Union 1936 Gameplay [HOI4 World War 2] Part 10 – Looking for Friends!


Hearts of Iron 4 Soviet Union Gameplay [1936 start of World War 2] HOI4 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Hearts of Iron 4 description from …


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  1. Drew you're posting so much of this series please I can only orgasm so much

  2. can you send troops to both china and peoples republic of china or just one of them?

  3. You are playing on recruit? I was hoping you would go at least regular…

  4. Sam Snyder says:

    Go after poland

  5. Man there are alot of factions aren't there?

    Man imagine if America forms Pax America and ruins this even further Lmoa

  6. can u disable the night day thing

  7. i did a facist russia it was quite the changellenge to take out the remaning soviet troops. and after that me and china pushed japan out from mainland china :D

  8. Hey drew, you should build up railroads and military factories in the east near Japan just in case the Japanese go crazy.

  9. Bon SA says:

    When you assign divisions to an army just hold CTRL and press Leftclick on the front line the units will be assigned to it automatically.You don't need to redraw it

  10. Sir Bananas says:

    You should send volunteers to the People's Republic of China instead

  11. Are you on crack while playing this?

  12. Międzymorze means between sea

  13. Andrei Jean says:

    It will probably work, cuz they usually go first after Cehoslovakia and Polonia after that.. so at the point they declare war to France you will have border with them. I would sugest that you try to make Turkey a friend and go for Romania, Yugoslavia, and pretty much every Balkan state that is or will emerge. After that, Africa BABY!! :D:D:D

  14. Crazykippz says:

    Isnt total war something for u? Any of the games cuz u seem to like strategy games

  15. Yes! My great Chinese dragon will be aided by the cracklord! FOR THE COMINTERN!

  16. Hans Heder says:

    Why private videos from #12 on?

  17. Bryan Boru says:

    Fun Fact: Grad just means city in Russian. St. Petersburg's name was changed to Petrograd in 1914, Then in 1924 to Leningrad after Lenin and in 1991 back to Saint Petersburg.

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