Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 21


collapsable unit lines in build queue, reorder them at will ability to move generals from their current position at the bottom of the screen allow airplanes to be …


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  1. who else cringed so hard when he changed artillery into anti air like omg

  2. Most of your tank and motorized divisions can not resupply and need to be redesigned.

  3. you need to get marines and take out the bases in the Mediterranean

  4. johnny gamas says:

    Sorry Arumba I would've request the improvements but natural I thought it would just occur

  5. Hank Hill says:

    America has to be fascist by now.

  6. Arumba doesn't seem to recall how many military factories he ordered up a few episodes ago.

  7. If you're suppressing areas with no resistance you're spreading your anti-resistance force thin and not negating the resistance as effectively in areas that actually have it.

  8. They did clean up the interface in Stellaris somewhat though, especially sectors.

  9. How's that "USA" look at the moment by the way Arumba?

  10. Yuudachi says:

    I feel like whenever you want to learn what NOT to do in a video game, you watch Arumba. Sorry Arumba, I've been following for awhile but I agree, you definitely show the viewers what not to do in this game. At least during your first playthrough

  11. Arumba good job on your game. I feel like nobody has said that in these comments haha.

  12. Has anyone noticed Arumba seems kinda down lately? Just me maybe?

  13. "I figure once I conquer the land it should just be my land"
    This may be the dumbest thing Arumba's ever said. It's a war, you dingus. They're not just going to let you have it.

  14. ColBlackout says:

    If you want to make it easier, you can invade Islands like Great Britian with paratroopers. Simply train some paratroopers, send a lot of fighters to the English Channel and South England and position transport planes in an air base in north france or something. Then move the paratroopers to the air base, send an invasion, conquer a port in England and send your armies through this port and in no time the UK will capitulate.

  15. Rob Ingram says:

    You sound like you're not having fun

  16. styot says:

    Arumba it looks like you still haven't researched maintenance support companies for your tanks.

  17. styot says:

    That Russia border at the end looks kinda ominous and scary.

  18. You're doing a great job man. Start a new campaign if you need to maybe play Italy or a minor if you're bored of Germany. Have a good one. Hope the family is doing well.

  19. plancked says:

    I love that the description is just a snippet of the improvements list haha.

  20. Nuovoswiss says:

    Hehe, Arumba's attempting the final solution to the Turkey problem…

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