Hearts of Iron IV Germany Wins World War 2 Let’s Play 26


collapsable unit lines in build queue, reorder them at will ability to move generals from their current position at the bottom of the screen allow airplanes to be …


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  1. upgrade your freaking manpower law now

  2. Anubisviech says:

    Arumba rage – best rage.

  3. Comrade CFC says:

    WOW! I have more idea of what is happening in your game then you seem to, and I don't even have the game yet!

  4. Jasper 46 says:

    you need to research nukes if you want UK to capitulate

  5. In Arumba's defense he did say in a Stellaris video, he learns by doing, so he told us to expect mistakes and that he would be getting better as time went by.

  6. DomCoates says:

    This is the most absurd, un-Arumba campaign I've ever watched and its absolutely brilliant. He is Human!!!

  7. It'd probably help if he learned how to read.

  8. when you realize how bad arumba is

  9. KzerZa says:

    This is like pulling teeth… i'll come back in a year or so when you've L2P

  10. I'm still waiting on two things. Well a few more but two specifically.
    1) That aircraft can do more than one mission at a time.
    2) That paratroops rule. Better than naval invasions due to less prep time. With 10 paras at most he could quickly take all of the Mediterranean islands. Hel, 10 is probably enough to get a beachhead on Dover so he can ship troops over and take out Britain.

  11. U need more man power

  12. When you stay up til 3 to watch HOI4, and HOI4 isn't there to greet you!! 🙁
    Must've stopped playing for a bit, I guess!? Bummer…

  13. Thomasmarik says:

    you know. it's not that he doesn't see or get something that bugs me. what bugs me is he has to refigure out stuff every few episodes. for example airport overcrowding. he know this is an issue and even mentions it as he deploys 3000 aircraft in an airport. then spends 10 minutes trying to figure out why he has 0 efficiency

  14. Herr Flick says:

    There is no alert why ???? Yes there is, big red text tooltip when you try to click the arrow, tells why.

  15. Hey everyone he has pretty much taken over half the world, give him a fucking break he is doing fine. Good job Arumba I love this play through :)

  16. Moss says:

    Hi. Might pick this up but can anyone tell me are units between nations different? I.e as Italy do you suffer from worse tanks than say the Brits? How is this done in HOI4? Cant seem to find anywhere online atm which talks about the actual combat..

    Also in re special units? I know there are certain cruisers like the Prince Eugen etc…can u get the Bismarck etc?

  17. "An airplane for a ship, that's pretty good."
    The Japanese thought the same thing too

  18. sk31370n says:

    loving all the kinds of rage in these videos
    all of it is kinda silent though 🙂
    throw an explosion in there you know you want to ;)

  19. All the hate, people that hate have their own problems :/ so yeah, be respectful i guess.

  20. 02091992able says:

    with naval invasions always make plans to take a port as you cannot get supply without a port or controlling a majority of a region which will give you supply.

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