Heavy Drought Strikes the US – Why Not Reverse Geoengineer?


Shepard Ambellas
The Intel Hub

Geoengineering and chemtrail activity is not a myth, but rather a reality. The globalists and their large corporations are essentially terraforming our planet, destroying our health and environment in the name of greed and control.

In fact, one of the worsts drought in America in over 50 years is going on right now. The White House announced in a recent press release that;

More than a fifth of this country is experiencing what we call “extreme” or “exceptional” drought – with states like Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas getting hit harder than most.

Why doesn’t president Obama just bring in planes to cloud seed the area if it’s so bad (cloud seeding can make rain)?

The reason is simple, this is orchestrated.

This will directly effect crop yields within the United States and our livestock and meat sources, which are already heavily blanketed with toxins including aluminum, barium, and other substances created by geoengineering activity.

Will Monsanto come to the rescue with drought resistant seeds for American farmers?

Oh wait! That has already been done. An excerpt from treehugger.com article reads;

Just in time for the New Year, the USDA has approved MON 87460, drought resistant corn. Approval discussions began last May upon fears that droughts could cripple the U.S. crop in a country where 40 percent of crop loss insuranceis collected as a result of moderate to major drought.

Monsanto sees a high demand looming and dollar signs as a result, especially considering that corn growing regions lose 15 percent of their crops worldwide each year due to drought. Monsanto will begin crop trials in the Great Plains region of the U.S.

But tests have found Monsanto’s new genetically modified breed ineffective at its intended purpose. In fact, the USDA found that the crop didn’t perform well according to an article in The New York Times, which said that “[t]he reduced yield [trait] does not exceed the natural variation observed in regionally-adapted varieties of conventional corn.”

Yesterday the White House released a statement.

The following is the official White House press release entitled, WEEKLY ADDRESS: All-Hands-On-Deck Response to the Drought;

WASHINGTON, DC— In this week’s address, President Obama discussed the Administration’s all-hands-on-deck approach to one of the worst droughts in more than fifty years. This drought is especially hard on farmers and ranchers who are facing poor crops and are struggling to feed their animals. That is why the Administration is doing everything possible to give them the tools to fight back and recover. The Administration has taken steps including opening more federal land for haying and grazing, giving farmers, ranchers, and small businesses access to low-interest emergency loans, and providing assistance to get more water to livestock and restore land affected by the drought. But the Administration can’t do this alone. The President reiterated his call on Congress to join him in taking action by passing a farm bill that makes necessary reforms while helping farmers and ranchers respond to these types of natural disasters and providing the certainty they deserve.

The audio of the address and video of the address will be available online at www.whitehouse.gov at 6:00 a.m. ET, Saturday, August 11, 2012.

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
The White House
August 11, 2012

Hi, everybody. Today, I want to talk about something that most of you know already – it’s hot outside. It’s really hot. And if this feels worse than normal, that’s because it is. We just found out that the month of July was the warmest month on record – warmer than any other month since we began keeping track more than a century ago.

But the heat is just half the story. We’re also suffering through one of the worst droughts in over 50 years. More than a fifth of this country is experiencing what we call “extreme” or “exceptional” drought – with states like Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas getting hit harder than most.

That’s bad news for a lot of people, but it’s especially tough on our farmers. Right now, half of the corn crop in America is in poor or very poor condition. Cattle farmers are struggling to feed their animals. Many folks are seeing their livelihoods dry up in front of their eyes. And if we don’t get relief soon, Americans everywhere will start feeling the pinch, with higher prices on grocery store shelves all across the country.

We can’t let that happen. That’s why, at my direction, the Department of Agriculture, led by Secretary Vilsack, has been working with other agencies across the federal government to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help farmers and ranchers fight back and recover from this disaster. Already, we’ve given farmers across 32 states access to low-interest emergency loans.

We’ve opened up more federal land for grazing. And we’re working with crop insurance companies to give farmers a short grace period on their premiums, since some families will be struggling to make ends meet at the end of the year.

This past week, we went even further – announcing an additional $30 million to help get more water to livestock and restore land affected by the drought. We’re making it easier for even more farmers, ranchers and businesses to get emergency loans. And the Department of Transportation is helping more truck drivers deliver supplies to states that need them the most.

This is an all-hands-on-deck response, and we’ll be doing even more in the coming weeks to help families and communities that are suffering right now.

But my Administration can’t do it alone. Congress needs to do its part, too. They need to pass a farm bill that not only helps farmers and ranchers respond to these kinds of disasters, but also makes necessary reforms and gives them some certainty year-round. That’s the single best way we can help rural communities right now, and also in the long-term.

So call your Members of Congress, write them an email, and tell them that now is the time to come together and get this done. Too many Americans are suffering right now to let politics get in the way. Let’s help farmers, ranchers and business owners recover. Let’s make sure that families who already stretch their budgets to the limit don’t have to pay more for groceries this fall.

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing everything I can to help respond to this disaster. Because at times like these, it doesn’t matter if you live in Des Moines or Detroit – we’re Americans first. And if we look out for each other, we’ll come out of this stronger than before.

Have a great weekend, everybody. And stay cool.

What is the true intentions behind this drought?

This is all part of a large scale diabolic depopulation agenda that is outlined in the new film coming the winter, SHADE the Motion Picture.

There is nowhere to hide anymore.

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