HIDDEN WORLD WAR II MAP IN BLACK OPS 3! (“Carentan” from Call of Duty 2 DLC?!)


Hidden WWII map in Black Ops 3 .. might be future DLC ! ○ Black Ops 3 controller Tip : https://youtu.be/b_vFOvoaqjk ○ huge wired Buff in BO3 : …


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  1. Hey does anyone have BO3 or NFS 2015 able to gameshare? My PSN:Swagbro745

  2. Ethan P says:

    Infection and Carentan games should be in the same lobby so that you can see people playing on the wall whenever you play on either of the maps.

  3. Leonardo P says:

    noooooo fuckin really…

  4. 1234epps says:

    Scrub uploads a video of a care package talon lmao

  5. 23salmen says:

    You know the other side of that map you play it in campaign.

  6. I bet they plan on putting it in DLC

  7. Rupabh Sethi says:

    AW did with the Map RUST from mw2 and nothing happened

  8. trekhead1 says:

    That nap is also in Cod 4

  9. They're gonna remake Moon

  10. Maybe we'll get to play on this map which is ALREADY IN THE GAME once we purchase the season pass or the DLC pack containing it.

    Seriously, if this map is in ANY of the DLC, Treyarch are basically kicking us in the teeth as it's ALREADY THERE. We just can't access it because $$$.

    Also, on a Season Pass note, no one buy it this year. I say this, because we need to stop letting developers sell us half the game for full price.

    If no one buys the season pass or DLC, they'll stop doing season passes and DLC and we'll get more content for our original $60.

  11. carentan would be "kinda cool" everything IS "kinda cool"

  12. Anyone else notice that the church bells at infection ring at every hour?

  13. wheres 5 kd fridays?

  14. equals100 says:

    I doubt it was a hint to the DLC probably just lazy re used the map

  15. Buqets says:

    For domination the first round is on the regular half then the second half you flip

  16. Got EM says:

    Chinatown from COD 4 was a night version remake of Carentan

  17. Got EM says:

    Hopefully they remake it.. it was one of my favorite maps in both games

  18. Hey tmartn on the map fringe in Blops3 if u look in the sky with a black cell about 3 minutes in their is a space shuttle launching do u think this a nod to the Blops 1 &2 map launch

  19. ZildorGaming says:

    I think that's an awesome Easter Egg!

  20. Pocket Miner says:

    You've just figured this out, everyone and their grandma knew about the map being a WW2 map bro ?

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