Hillary Clinton AND The Illuminati New World Order


Is Hillary Clinton possessed to carry out the New World Order agenda?… Many people believe that the voting system is rigged and voting does not matter during …


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  1. Why this fucking sick whore is still alive?????every time that she laughs she reminds me Al Pacino in the movie "devil's advocate….there where Al Pacinos role was the devil…she is soooo the same …..Die whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Edith Valdez says:

    She think is fuuny act.clown ! shes drunk of all blood shred hands.

  3. Edith Valdez says:

    Sicknnes crazinnes. !

  4. Oh man this beautiful LMAO!!!…. TY for the upload …I needed a good laugh ….you should try watching this while the volumes off …Stuffs to scary when the volumes on for my tender little grandsons ears

  5. BTW …MAN! she does a real good dingy blonde dont she

  6. its a shame tho …she even lies about that

  7. jill 2016, visit the queen, she is a women will understand you, best outcome for you and as well for her. just make her understand about ecology, and Alfred the great.

  8. james bond says:

    Wake up! They (the elites) know that we can see that Hillary is a monster and they do this consciously. They give you actually 2 alternatives:
    1) Elect Hillary, the animal, and lets start to war, most likely start with Russia. This is the the only solution to avoid the next financial crisis. It will make the governments in USA and Europe to take credits to war against them, and as you know the only way to make the system continue is creating new money by new credits. At the end of the war all nations will be bankrupt that they will do anything the elites want. The New World order gets established.
    2) Elect Trump. Then they will burst the next financial bubble and give poor Trump the responsibility. The rest is the same scenario: all nations will be bankrupt that they will do anything the elites want. The New World order gets established.
    So when you go to the election bear in mind that you will vote for one of these alternatives. And I believe they gave you Hillary to see what kind of a monster she is, so that you elect Trump. They want to burst the bubble. Then the nations will go bankrupt, USA will have martial law, European nations give up their souvereignity to the EU parliament. Then you have the US of Europe. One parliament, one European central bank that is controlled by the same people who control FED. At least the New World Order with the elites on the top, their servants (politicians, government, military and police) in the middle and the rest, the slaves, us, will be established. You see it in the 1 dollar note. The new money of the world will be the same symbol but with the missing raw after the eye completed. They are preparing the last raw and we cant stop it….

  9. kt10585 says:

    yeah, but who to vote for??? we all saw how, through technology, the voting machines were able to be tampered with to achieve a desired outcome in 2000 and 2004. Michael McConnell, the IT specialist contracted to do the rigging by Karl Rove was to appear before grand jury in Ohio, in Jan 2011. He said he wasnt going to take the fall for this. He died in his personal plane that crashed in Dec 2010.

  10. Sherri Hunt says:

    She acts like she is possessed with demons!

  11. FUK u n that bitch.

  12. rented tux says:

    Why can't anyone ever just tell it like it is. The Jews run America. The jews own Hillary. They run it all including the MSM. It is FACT. Get them out of Congress, the Justice system and the banks and we still might have a chance.

  13. Hillary Clinton will make the forces of evil rise again !

  14. Rose Colombo says:

    The ending of this – Music Video – is hilarious!

  15. God puts the basest of people in power to fulfil his will , the American government has removed God and Christ from their nation and filled the land with idols, God will bring a nation whom they will not understand ( Russia ? ). and bring them into captivity and smite the land with plagues. as it states in the old testement punishment s for disobedience.

  16. She doesn't and never will represent women more to it she is against people, children and all

  17. You deserve a fricken award for this. Seriously why hasnt this gone viral?

  18. Notice how her eyes turn black during the event.

  19. She never answers a question – she laughs her way through while she thinks of a good come back without an answer.

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