Hillary Clinton The Antichrist – Prophecy Of Women President (Documentary)


In this edition of Doomsday Prophecy videos and documentaries, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn about the prophecy of the first …


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  1. Tommy Boye says:

    what a dumbass

  2. newdude01 says:

    if this is a "christain " church, why is a menorah on the " alter " ?

  3. MrDrofinnah says:

    As a 27 year old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation… Hillare Rodham was fired by her supervisor (Democrat Jerry Zeifman)… when asked why Hillary Rotten was fired… Zeifman said in an interview… "because she is a liar…she was an unethical… dishonest lawyer… she conspired to violate the Constitution… the rules of the house… the rules of the committee… and the rules of confidentiality"…

  4. MrRoverpilot says:

    What I would like is to see the rest of this mans sermon

  5. meow bastard says:

    Why is the ark of the covenant on your stage?

  6. Trump threatens to stop world jewry …this is a good thing ….
    Trump is owned by zionists.
    His grandchildren are kikes.
    his kids are also.
    he isnt for whites or america.
    its all an illusionary deception to keep us pacified.
    if we knew the truth , washington DC would be on fire by 6am tomorrow.

  7. Sarah Smith says:

    stupid christians..anyone who doe not believe G-D came in the flesh IS anti christ.
    All scripture was fulfilled for that past generation.
    prophecyquestions dot com

  8. June Bug says:

    Perry stone you have been wrong so many times..so you are not a prophet.

  9. June Bug says:

    he's a smart pants..talks so fast so you cannot understand what he is talking about..

  10. Tom Hocker says:

    this guy is a complete phony

  11. Chuck Pitts says:

    Donald trumps wives are Russian , his best friend is Putin , they are. gog and magog!

  12. wow what hate is on this page is sad.. why is it most of you see whats on he stage and are not hearing the words that are coming out oh his mouth .. be very care full if you are cursing him you are cursing the Holy Spirit and God states you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. . if you don't agree move on don't hate … Peace to all of you I feel sorry that you can not feel Jesus in your heart I honestly do.

  13. Theresa Hyde says:

    um.. the title of this had nothing to do with her. . js

  14. Wayne Clark says:

    Please go read your Bible Hillary is evil but the anti Christ has many things Hillary doesn't stop making videos and being them something people will just click on are you purposefully deceiving people

  15. Wayne Clark says:

    Satan rules the earth right now but God still puts limits on him if God didn't satan would kill all of us

  16. grapas100 says:

    I thought Obama was the Antichrist. Would someone please make up my mind.

  17. Why do American's keep choosing the Bush's and Clinton's as President? 

    Don't even vote until you get more qualified choices… not owned by the bankers.

  18. Hauptmann says:

    The Believers just want to share about the new President. Just praying for Donald Trump! We all need pray for Donald Trump.  We need to choose Donald Trump because he will allow Christian people to pray all crown people.. Hillary CLINTON DOES NOT allow us any right Christian people to pray and read the Bible.  She wants to remove the Holy Bible about God's Words.  (NO, WE NEED TO KEEP THE HOLY BIBLE FROM GOD'S WORDS.) So Donald Trump wants to bring American back and restore this American for the Lord our precious God.  We need the Lord God-Jesus our hearts! Just pray to God and give God's hands.  (Psalm 46:10; Psalm 34:17; 1 Peter 5:7-9) REMIND YOU THAT GOD GAVE ISRAEL TO PROMISE LAND AND THEY HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE FOR MANY YEARS UNTIL NEW GENERATION OF THE PEOPLE FORGET GOD AND WORSHIP THEIR OWN GODS SO THEIR NATIONS COLLAPSED DOWN FOR LONG TIMES DUE TO THE ENEMIES KEEP WAR. (Deuteronomy 6:13-14; Exodus 34:14) SEE DONALD TRUMP WANTS AMERICA BACK AND SEE HILLARY CLINTON DOESN'T WANT GOD AND THE HOLY BIBLE. ***So that it will RISK*** So that it will lead AMERICA FALL.** PLEASE RESPECT US THAT WE ALL JUST PRAY FOR ALL. May God bless your precious SOULS…

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