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  1. ACElicious says:

    Godness.. the effort of this video is amazing. Still it simplifies everything too much..

    I advice you to listen to Hitlers reply to Roosevelts Telegram to him in April 1939.

  2. oh fuck. so many lies … "america kicked evrybodys assess" "america won"
    " russia did nothin". oh fuck yourself

  3. Bigdcd says:

    "You've just awoken uncle sam!" A few minutes before an attack on a Japanese island Bald eagle flies over "Caw!" They'd look up *out of nowhere the Americans come just taking the beaches rekting everything.

  4. I like history. And history bomb made me like it more.

  5. That one American guy that's talking about saving d day I'm pretty sure he is gay

  6. Sam Porter8 says:

    History bomb: Cold War

  7. Japan ball says:

    I need history bomb of 7 years war. It is the first truly global war.

  8. Dodec84 says:

    1:15 In Summer 2016 with tensions rising across the world, he found an unlikely Russian ally in Vladimir …

    Trump: "… Putin, may I propose a pact? Our two great nations should not attack! Fighting together will lay the foundation for a tremendous world domination!"
    Putin: "OK, Donald, you're my man. Forget an alliance with China and Iran!"
    Trump: "Nice! Let's help Assad make Syria great again … "
    Putin: "… and we'll split Ukraine … "
    Trump: "50/50!"

  9. the way he said hiroshima was weird

  10. Panzer Elite says:

    good looking hitler right

  11. Ash St Plays says:

    Guy with a mini gun walks in LETS DO THIS

  12. Manco mezzo riferimento all'Italia, cazzo avete nominato pure la Cecoslovacchia e non diciamo neanche mezza frase sul fascismo, sul Duce e sugli interventi italiani; tranquilli inglesi che "adesso viene il bello".

  13. I like how the USA was acting like they won D Day by themselves, and yet, the first troops to actually break through and secure there target town was the Canadians who then had to hold out while the USA and British could break through

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