Horrifying Discovery Found Inside the Earth Could Mean Disaster! Increased Earthquakes, Strange Noises, Sinkholes and More Phenomena All Linked! (Shocking Videos)


Lyn Leahz

Series of booms being heard around the world—sinkholes opening up and sucking people and objects deep inside—dead animals falling from the sky—and more! But what do they all have in common? Watch the below video and find out!  The answer will scare the ‘hell’ out of you!  It’s time to wake up and get serious!

I am also providing ‘other’ videos for your review.  Please, take this very seriously…watch, pray, and be ready!

Increased Earthquakes, Strange Noises & Sinkholes: Secret Inside the Earth

 Horrifying Discovery Found Inside the Earth Could Mean Disaster! Increased Earthquakes, Strange Noises, Sinkholes and More Phenomena All Linked! (Shocking Videos)

More Earthquakes, more sinkholes, and strange noises being heard around the world… Linda Moulton Howe explains a scary discovery which could mean disaster!  (From the Youtube Channel)

Great EARTHQUAKES Increasing in RECORD NUMBERS – BIG Earthquakes have DOUBLED in 2014

Unidentified Strange Noises Radio Report Linda Moulton Howe, June 1st 2014

Strange Sounds from Sky the recorded in CAMBRIDGE ONTARIO July 22 2014

Strange sounds 2014 Hungary Pécs

Sinkholes around the world attributed to Strange sounds

Blood Red Moon & Increase in Earthquakes?

More strange news from Linda Moulton Howe:

True or False? I do not know..but it sure is interesting! THINK: NEPHILIM!

Military UFO Witness Speaks Out

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5 Responses

  1. Boyd Cassie says:

    Further points which I had originally intended on adding are as follows.

    Along with the diabolical New World Order (destroyers) it seems that all of mans beliefs and religions are counterfeit and of no use unless they have God at the core. Mans pride (not the good type) is determined that he will follow his own way which has only proved destructive for 6,000 years. The son of a Hamas leader has become a Christian living in the U.S. He tells people about the gangsta Allah and how Islam involves torturing and murdering others. He says people are becoming aware and that particular religion is collapsing from the inside. The Obama ineligibilty story is another gang saga. Threatening Chelsea Clinton if Bill spills the beans and any number of U.S. politicians. How shocking having the whole Congress muzzled. At least one has been murdered over the birth records issue. They are not a new worldwide gang. JFK intended blowing the whistle on aliens and the NWO control. Barry Soetoro (former drug mule turned president aka Barack Obama) is only a puppet of the New World Order who hold the entire world ransom and are actively seeking the death of most people on Earth. Globalist Members include US and UK executive politicians. The highest ranks of the world banking organisations who ultimately control almost every bank on Earth. The original bankers (Rothschilds et al) call themselves Ashkenazi Jews except they are not Jews in any way. Worst identity theft in history and hence heaping untold blame on real Jews many of whom rely on charity for support. Other globalists include the CFR. Trilateral Commission. WHO (virus releases). CIA and FBI (hired guns). US military control. Main news networks. The Vatican. Various royals and corporate magnates. They are mostly on a worldwide crime spree with the delusion of being elite. Controlling whole nations financial situations. Repressing cures and inventions. Intentionally damaging family and religious structures. Genocide on a global scale and organising wars or any situation at will. 911 and wars for the past 200 years are examples. Bombings, chemical attacks and propaganda beheadings are others. In other words their version of the news on the television (tell lies vision). Nukes had been planned for Russia and China. The NWO have the whole world over a barrel. Such utter wickedness will never prevail ultimately. There is a God and he will return soon. Am hoping I can help people find the good news about forgiveness and paradise forever while they can as fulltime has run and we are only awaiting God’s unexpected return any day.

    People are best avoiding the ice bucket challenge. That particular ritual is like a contract with the devil and can stop a heart beating. Sort of a counterfeit baptism. Embryonic stem cell research involves destroying embryos. The cause of Lou Gehrigs is aspartame. Artificial sweeteners and MSG. A hidden truth along with cures for cancer, vision impairment and diabetes plus numerous others. Christians who have participated should pray for the release of curses. The man who started the challenge has been killed.

    Earlier this year I made a posting on another site which may have been construed as supportive of homosexuality. Unintended. As with all sin it can be forgiven. Are there people who honestly believe it is morally acceptable. It seems an issue worth addressing as a behaviour which seems to be gaining acceptance. The Bible describes it as a sin which should not even be discussed. Maybe there are those who are not even aware of it being a sin.

    Soon the Suns twin will arrive along with seven planets in orbit. Among those is a giant 4,000 times the size of Earth. It will cause a geographic pole shift on planet Earth along with a new orbit and appearance because of the untold accompanying super disasters. Surviving would be more of a spiritual issue than location. Congress have kept NASA quiet on that since 1982 while the globalists have built massive worldwide bunkers in a vain effort at exclusively surviving such a cataclysm. Other hushed truths include the aliens under Earth and on the Moon plus various other locations.

    The antichrist will have influence during the tribulation and force an identification system at the risk of beheading for refusal. Accepting allows buying and selling although refusing is critical that one may not miss on the new millennium. The ac has already been on earth for over sixty years in a prominent position although not as a stereotype villain. Alien like creatures which can sting are another feature of the tribulation.

    Eventually Earth will reach a stage where surface features are set on fire which would increase sea levels, storm energy and sounds like the effects of severe solar emp events.

    Soon after Earth and Space would pass away. Notably not that far away.

    The worst action Man can do to others is taking their life. They can only kill the body and not your soul. That is not of much consequence except if a person had not sought God’s free gift of forgiveness before death. He knows all and decides our fate after this life. Heaven or Hell. Therefore we should seek him while he can be found as there are few days remaining.

  2. Fiona says:

    I get a book called The Word for Today and yesterday 30th August the word for the day was Yahweh is fighting with you as we here in NZ are dealing wth a filthy corrupt government run by ex bankster John Key from Merryl Lynch Fame the designer of the derivatives market and we have been fighting for the last 6 years here to expose him and finally through Dot Com and Snowden the truth is coming out. Google NZ Politics and you will see what is happening here.

    Ezekiel Chapter 3

    18 When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

    19 Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

  3. Boyd Cassie says:

    The Islamic religion would have it that only they inhabit earth. The new world order madness is
    similar. Killing ninety percent of mankind and damaging planet Earth in the process. Agendas which are void of love and mercy toward others. Love being that which is above all. Mercy being mans only claim on an undeserved and soon expiring freely offered forgiveness.

    Have they realised there are others with designs on the world. For means of hybridisation with
    humans, aliens need eggs and dna. Hence the abduction of MH370 and various other craft in the
    past. Bloodless corpses are a telltale sign. Unusual lights generally accompany animal mutilations and abductions. During storms there can be hundreds of alien craft recharging above the clouds. Governments should not be making treaties with them or threatening those who have witnessed such encounters. Aliens did not create man. The return of alien hybrids aka Nephilim is a biblical truth. That is why a worldwide flood had been needed during Noahs day because of widespread dna corruption. There are 400 km deep rocks in the mantle carrying more water than in the oceans. Palm fossils at the poles prove Earth had been warmer. Following the worldwide flood ice covered about half of North America. Temperatures have been gradually warming since and are reaching a point where significant sea level rise will occur.

    Signs of the end times include animal extinctions; earthquakes and wars. And that is only the start; birthing pains as they say. Vast numbers of dead animals have been recorded in the last year all over the globe. Variously measured in tons rather than numbers. Already rising numbers of
    earthquakes remarkably doubled during the first quarter of 2014. Various witnesses worldwide have
    recorded shrill noises and sinkholes because of Earths altering core. A recent earthquake in
    Iceland may have been magma entering the crust beneath Bardarbunga volcano where a previous
    eruption counts among the largest on record.

    The HAARP-initiated tsunami has seen Fukushima become the source of a gradually unfolding extinction level event. Many lethal doses for all on Earth have been released. Firstly the animals as noted above and followed with the human population. And Ebola could be the same alien retro-virus that caused bleeding and death among SAT teams attending Roswell in 1947.

    Murder and intimidation of many other politicians has kept the current president in office with the help of forged birth records. Being a muslim would explain why Barry Soetoro and co. have funded Israel’s enemies and pushed for compromise on their land and its defence. It may prove worthwile at this stage mentioning we are all culpable for our own sins as individuals and can not blame them on others. Maybe a pie in the face is needed. Thousands of years have passed since God promised Israel all of their land and He always keeps his word. Palestine had been a Jewish word till the forties. Recently it has represented squatters who all have passports from other lands. Who on Earth would stand for the occupying of others within their borders whose only unswerving goal has always been the total annihilation of the resident population. Few could comprehend the envy induced grief being inflicted globally upon Israel.

    Americans are another people in need of prayer that they would not become victims of the latest globalist act of genocide. Decades of extraordinary lies, propaganda and staged events with the help of globalist owned news networks have been used as justification for wars and death campaigns. Apart from the Bible, prayer is all we have being the most powerful privilege which can be called upon in any situation. We all need prayer. With it you can ask God for his free gift of forgiveness and salvation at any moment and it does not matter your nationality or ancestry. Pray in your own words if you like as it is a prayer from the heart and begins a relationship with your Maker which is why we are here.

    With God on your side you need not fear any entity in the universe or even death. And becoming a Christian means the Angels can protect you at every moment night and day. That is a Biblical truth found in Psalm 91.

    Envy is a significant factor in how we all treat each other. Almost like a default setting which can play a role in all labour and achievement. Quite insidious and the effects of which are worse than anger and fury combined. Appearances and abilities can cause envy. Even the image of another can determine our attitude which manifests in words and actions. On balance it would seem the only possible cause of grief in this life is the attitudes of others. Occasionally souls retaliate against such invisible forces of pain and oppression. In such a category would belong self harm, suicide and mass shooters. Heaven must have an absence of envy. We are unaware of envy happening and mostly in denial because of its insidious and constant nature. The crucifixion is proof of that because while on the cross Jesus said “forgive them as they know not what they have done.” Pilate knew the whole crowd had become riotous with envy. The prior arrest even continued after Jesus had healed a soldier’s severed ear when Peter attempted a defence.

    Spend a while remaining still and knowing all you see is evidence of God. It is profound when you realise all you see and know including yourself exists because God created it thus. This same creation is showing signs that we are on the cusp of the most remarkable event being His soon return. He already knows all we have done and only His love for us explains how he can willingly forgive when we ask and promise eternal paradise

  4. Brett says:

    The Bible says the gates of hell will be opened. What do you think those noises are? Oh that´s right, you don´t believe in God yet.

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