How Close Are We to the Next World War


The New World Orders plan for World War 3 has already been planned years ago. The pieces are falling into place. Watch this video to learn more. Contains …


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  1. Pretty close I'd say. There seem to be sequences of events in motion that are difficult to see being halted or reversed.

  2. Anna Johnson says:

    As far as your next thought … think Peace and Peace we will have. power is ours!

  3. Anna Johnson says:

    Think of what is going on as a house cleaning. All the dust and cobwebs need to go to make way for a refurbishing. everything that is no longer useful or serves no purpose …has to go! only things that are necessary may stay… War serves no purpose to humanity, only to those who start them.These cobwebs have to go first! so grab a broom and start now! all else will follow and soon enough we will have a clean house to refurbish how we like.

  4. D Dell says:

    Human nature is war apparently

  5. Wade J says:

    the Third World War started not like the other two. the Third World War started Buy computer. China broke into our Washington computer systems knowing that we love them so much we would not react

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