How does asylum in the UK work? | New Arrivals


Britain’s asylum system is a mixture of government bureaucracy and private provision of housing.
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People arriving from conflict zones and persecution are given around £5 per day and accommodation but are barred from employment while their case is decided. How does Britain measure up with the rest of Europe? Where are asylum seekers coming from? And how is the system really working?

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8 Responses

  1. cary bary says:

    The left are like an apple stall. All the nice apples are in front,while all the rotten apples are tucked away at the back

  2. And here's how asylum in the Gulf states works:

    "According to a 2014 report entitled “Left Out In The Cold“ by human rights organization Amnesty International, the GCC had not officially resettled a single Syrian refugee since the crisis began in 2011."

  3. Admiral D says:

    a counter balance based on facts – more please

  4. Knee Jerk says:

    You say how many claims were made but not how many were accepted…

  5. me hee says:

    highest number of asylum seekers are from Pakistan, word must have got around there that lefty is a child pimp.

  6. Jimmy Jones says:

    I hate that people don't want to help; they just turn a blind eye to all the suffering and try to demonise refugees to justify being complicit in human suffering. If we were fleeing from war we'd want and need somebody to give us shelter. You don't get to pick and choose who gets to have a good life.

  7. smartness!!!!

    despite of creating conflicts and selling weapons to any crimanals so they force people to flee, and uk benefit both from the war equipments and steal countrys resourse. yet somehow the dont want take the poor people the Destroyed their future

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