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  1. lol guess that bitch did! all this ww3 talk is like waving a steak infront a pack of lions. the MIC cant fkn wait for this….monkey business.

  2. LauriD62 says:

    have a great night?!! I hate mainstream. fkng liars!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Michael!

  4. FYI- I had a really difficult time loading this particular vid.

  5. Jayce Ran says:

    Moxy man, I hear ya but at the same time, I bet she is terrified on the inside. I think a lot of us are.

  6. staffan144 says:

    CNN is complete junk, as usual

  7. Bo Radley says:

    Cheers. Real offensive crap you subject yourself to…. I would have to buy a whole load of new tvs, and bricks to throw.

  8. Pamela Brown is a good, straight anchor on CNN, who keeps her biases to herself. Calling her a presstitute, with an upside down American flag in the background, oh well, I guess that's entertainment for somebody.

  9. Mojokuku says:

    They don't even go into the rising conflict between China and the US.

  10. Donald Burke says:

    your mental state is deteriorating

  11. aistobe says:

    Nauseating. I think I'm gonna blow chunks.

  12. Mike, if you don't think she's in pain, think again. Anyone who takes an hour and a half to get dressed each day, is by definition in pain. Unless she is a sociopath, she'll be showing it off camera.

  13. JRMCNEA says:

    These people man, and their selective terms……. "Russian war plane" So we are calling fighter jets war planes now? Or only when they are Russian planes?

    And we backed down with Crimea? did we act like high school kids and kick Russia out of the cool kids table? G7 anyone? And Russia didn't shoot down a U.S. fighter. We TRIED to blame them for a downed commercial liner. But that magically disappeared like the Chemical weapons story when we found out it was actually the rebels using them.

    Also, who is the Germany in this "world war"? Because you can't legally go to war with none state actors.
    Just like you can't go to war on consumer goods.

  14. babaloo42 says:

    The reason is because all "sides" are run by the same people and it's all a show. Check out my Paris/Syria video. They are doing all this so that they can put on a show of unity(coming right up) on these global issues and from there transition into openly global government that people are conditioned to accept through all this fake terror and fake war threats and fake global warming. When these supposedly separate countries inexplicably start cooperating on global issues(AND Syria) please remember that I warned you about it. It's all a show and unless we stop these perception manipulators(who secretly run the whole world already), they will get whatever they want and you will end up thinking you want it too. We are putty in their hands based on the comments below. Everyone is buying into their show on some level, it's not looking good for freedom.

  15. blite13 says:

    how can it be ww3 when it's all orchestrated? Why don't you call it the PRETEND ww3?

  16. James Ezzell says:

    "It's gonna take a {Unified World}…" get ready for that New World Order, albeit with a new name, the old one is more detrimental to the cause…like global warming to climate change…

  17. Jefe Hoptosh says:

    Turkey gonna get plucked real bad
    "I'm the leading state sponsor of terrorism and i have Big Daddy Bibi Netanyahu's permission to say so."

  18. martyre king says:

    Hey Mike , so you mention Americans losing their lifes…what about other life's ? are they not just as precious? you are just as bad…you fucking hypocrite.

  19. HabsCanada1 says:

    I'd bang her…

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