How: Stop Your Phone From Being Tracked


Stop the Government from tracking your location while your phone is off and even enabling your Mic to listen to your Private conversations

How Stop Your Phone From Being Tracked

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  1. Vytas says:

    There is no real way. Every prone blueprints and even software code very often is company secret now. And you think that you really and fully control device by poking screen with finger …really as much as you control girl in same way.

  2. dowright says:

    I just put mine in a cookie tin or metal box and cover it tightly.

  3. phugemawl says:

    But I never have my phone switched off, especially when I’m on the move …. I understand the concern but are we all becoming too paranoid? Also, what about our cars now equipped with bluetooth, toll scanners, police number plate recognition etc? AND if we travel on public transport we are forced to use their smart cards which record every trip, departure & arrival times and locations. It’s very scary, where do we hide?

  4. david frobel says:

    I cant se that a small battery like that can have the power to transmit aney siganl,,i think it is just there to hold your memory in the phone when you remove the main battery,,removing that small battery may skrew up your phone i like the metal case way better,,

  5. Dan says:

    You can also carry your active phone in a metal case it will block their capability but you will not receive calls while in the case.

  6. david frobel says:

    yes,,i have had the same proberlam,,phgemaw.

  7. Farm says:

    Came through fine. He removed a watch battery that is located inside the top of the back cover above the main battery.

  8. phugemawl says:

    Is there some reason that the video clips on Pakalert Press are being blocked or is it just me?
    All the recent reports with video are just showing an empty black space. Is anyone else noticing this?

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