How the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Affect You and Your Outsourcing Operations



The reduction of existence in the new terrorist assault in Mumbai is a tragedy– the repercussions of which will be keenly felt on a own and geopolitical level for a important time to arrive. But what impact will it have on people corporations that acquire or supply outsourced expert services from India?

The uncomplicated respond to is that, even though tragic, this assault was developed to bring about concern and panic but will not disrupt business at the macro level. The reasons are numerous, but to start with and foremost, the scale of the assault is unlikely to take place once more. India readily admitted that warnings from the U.S. intelligence group, even though heeded, had been not offered an suitable reaction. That is unlikely to be the circumstance likely forward somewhat, this assault is very likely to mark a change in India’s stance to become much more proactive and aim on avoiding terrorist assaults in considerably the exact way that 9-11 did in the United States. When the Twin Towers came down, it was a tragedy further than belief, but men and women across the country went back again to operate the next working day and no a single in the global group stopped accomplishing business with the United States mainly because it was all of a sudden unsafe.

In considerably the exact way, India will react to prevent further more occurrences and mitigate the damage need to a further assault take place. Sure micro effects of the terrorist assault will no doubt be felt in the outsourcing industry, this kind of as an elevated level of stability at operations facilities and, in the quick phrase, a doable reduction in travel for conferences that can be held practically in its place. But at the macro level, the terrorist assault, as unconscionable as it was, will not have a important impact on the viability of acquiring and offering expert services from an India-dependent outsourcing expert services service provider.

Indian outsourcing vendors Infosys, TCS and Wipro will carry on to supply expert services from Mumbai, as will U.S. outsourcing vendors CSC, HP (together with EDS), Accenture and IBM. The Fortune five hundred corporations that depend on people expert services have no explanation, allow by yourself contractual or operational capability, to take people expert services back again in-house. On prime of that, Mumbai is but a single of numerous tier a single cities in India in which outsourced expert services are offered.

No, the new terrorist assault, in and of itself, will not affect outsourcing to India. Somewhat, it is the rhetoric and posturing in between India and Pakistan that have followed the terrorist assault that pose the authentic risk. The rigidity in between India and Pakistan spans more than 5 decades and features three wars. Consequently, this newest flip of gatherings could be likened to pouring lighter fluid on an currently smoldering fireplace.

That becoming stated, all-out war in between India and Pakistan – both equally of which are nuclear-armed nations – would have this kind of a devastating impact that most gurus sense it is unlikely to take place. One particular Alsbridge govt recalls conferences with the U.S. ambassador to India through the nuclear tests of both equally nations in the mid-90s. He and numerous other U.S. executives dependent in India stressed the great importance of their Indian operations and their relationships with Indian corporations and how sanctions could tremendously harm the interests of U.S. corporations. One particular would count on that people exact discussions took place even though Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited India past week.

Nonetheless, “unlikely to occur” could not be superior ample. Offered the state of the world financial system and the war in Afghanistan, the United States simply cannot afford to take a palms-off method to the scenario. What level of escalation in between India and Pakistan will trigger sanctions/restrictions from the United States and the broader global group? And much more importantly, are you or your vendors organized if escalation occurs? 

If you have an existing outsourcing deal or if you’re planning to migrate expert services to India or any other region, the next are a number of points you can do nowadays to protect your business in opposition to the possibility of upcoming violence or a further celebration that could disrupt your business.

To commence, you have to have to fully grasp your service provider’s obligations through a Power Majeure celebration or disaster.  Does your deal supply suitable defense in circumstance upcoming violence or a further unplanned celebration impacts your business? 

If the respond to is indeed, it would be advised that you overview the present contractual protections and the service provider’s recovery strategies to validate the system forex, past check day, check final results and assess regardless of whether the present system nonetheless supplies your business suitable defense.

If the respond to is no, is your business comfy with the threat of service degradation or outages due to a Power Majeure celebration or disaster? Could your business withstand the impact of your India-dependent service not becoming offered for three times, three months or three months?  We advise all outsourcing or shared expert services consumers to have contractual agreements and effectively-examined strategies to deal with the threat linked with Power Majeure gatherings or disasters.

A geographically distributed product for service shipping and delivery can support in cutting down threat. Owning infrastructure and knowledge in place in various cities or nations lowers the impact of geopolitical and natural disasters.

If you do not have a geographically distributed product for service shipping and delivery, now could be the time to take into consideration including in that capability. Be it internal or through service vendors, the work to at minimum assess the present capability and value out some alternatives is definitely effectively really worth it


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