How Well Can Sweden Cope With Its Huge Number of Iraqi Refugees?


Scandinavia’s Little Iraq (2008): Sweden has taken in an enormous number of refugees from Iraq in recent years, but some residents are concerned that there …


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  1. Bryan G says:

    They can't.

  2. I am Swedish and I am okay with theese people as long as they don't live close to me. Sweden should be a federation were people depending on their religion and ethnicity should live separate. If theese people want sharia and a theocracy that's fine for me as long as they don't bother me.

  3. xboyPT says:

    Omg..its because of people like you axel gyllenbäck that Sweden is dying…you just care about your own safety and nothing else. As long as you re ok all the rest doesnt matter. Its not about being a racist, its about saying enough cos thats enough for Sweden and you have done your part.You dont want to face it but thats enough.Just educate the ones you have right know and think about more in the far future. Once Vikings, know pussies afraid of being called racists while Sweden is dying…well done.

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