How would the world look after a nuclear war?


Thanks for watching ! Twitter : IG : This is a video my partner and I made for our project AP Chemistry .


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  1. Justin H. says:

    The background flag has 13 stars on it? NWO only has 13 states, rest were nuked out?

  2. You Mean NO SUPER BOWL?

  3. Who would make bomb that's stupid

  4. Kenneth Chou says:

    Can't we have Mr.Brotch?

  5. C Fraser says:

    what is this crap?

  6. qik silver says:

    it would look great

  7. wouldnt worry about it, EMP everything shuts down all at once for quite awhile until those systems can be replaced. we go back over a hundred years if not more, no comm. we have no defense except mechanical/guns etc..

  8. MrMufinMaker says:

    the start secreems fallout 3

  9. If nuclear fallout was going to happen I wouldn't want to live you would never be able to go outside like you were when you were a kid

  10. Did anyone have a mental breakdown watching this? That robot is a little creepy! D:

  11. This freaking video is creepy AF

  12. branpra says:

    Are you kidding?? the nuke part was from the movie the sum of all fears

  13. keon so says:

    bring nuclear war to live, human need a great war

  14. AB17s says:

    1.24 to 1.29 – my dick in morning

  15. Bionicle8j says:

    When you think about it it's scary than sad than even more fucking scary

  16. he sound likes eric voice from goanimate

  17. if this happens to the u.s
    shit ima go to mexico if people go to cross the border undetected
    then all of us mexicans can cross the border back undetected as usually

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