IBM Watson: Smartest Machine ever built – Documentary


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  1. The Panda says:


  2. @8:38
    Jeopardy … I.Q.test

    When has pure memorization become a I.Q. test ?
    The narrator is a moron.

  3. Michael Yun says:

    "We know how to make a person…It is a very easy thing to do." Bruh :'D

  4. Jonhyboy111 says:

    Watson should be upgraded with an optical computer!!

  5. daniel dowd says:

    Anyone else recognize the irony with the matrix being in this documentary about an advanced robot/super computer?

  6. It's like the "I'm feeling lucky" feature on Google's search algorithm.

  7. HMS Pinafore… well the host is a little generous

  8. Humans aren't smarter. We have spent every waking moment of our lives training for the real world. We spent years – decades for academics – day to day crunching new information and forging new mental skills. Give a computer 25 years of straight learning and it will blow humans right out of the water.

  9. urmo345 says:

    not enough! It is simple data crunching, now start to make real AI: the very core of independent processing, deep analyzing and self evaluation, virtual reality for real world training and learning program.

  10. zeke luther says:

    what movie before 6:43?

  11. AirScholar says:


    Jeopardy is a I.Q. test … ?
    LOL !!!
    Jeopardy is knowing facts.
    If data was considered intelligence then a hard drive would be a genius.
    Jeopardy does not involve problem solving or imagination.
    No one was given a Nobel Prize for memorizing 1980s TV series or even the encyclopedia.

  12. AirScholar says:

    The human world is illogical, inconsistent and emotional.
    Intelligence is logical, consistent and objective.
    Even if Watson can converse with a pHd student in physics, Watson will struggle to understand conversing with the average person from Detroit. In fact Watson would likely find him so illogical it may not consider him a human or broken.

  13. 20:20 Welcome to Captcha

  14. Anil Boppuri says:

    I think the best application of IBM Watson would be in the field of Judiciary, Watson can really can go through all the laws which are finite, interpret and pronounce judgement. All the delays in Justice system will ease and the criminals can be brought to book very quickly.

  15. ralph ups says:

    just wait until you meet 38th gen..computers

  16. weerobot says:

    Watson why did you launch the Nukes?

  17. But can it run Crysis?

  18. GlaciusTS says:

    I think the problem is we are jumping ahead. Human's learn fastest through experience. Why do we expect computers to learn faster just because we tell it things? Experience doesn't lie, but human language can be incorrectly interpreted. We should get an understand of the human brain, yes, but what we need to understand is how it interprets input and the earliest stages of life and recognizes patterns. Then we have to allow a computer to learn the same way. Let it interact with the world and satisfy it's curiosity while acting under as few rules as possible (like don't cut open people to see what's inside). Allow it to learn under restrictions that emulate the restrictions we face during infancy.

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