Il miglior discorso mai in tribunale ? Alcuni dicono , sì


Segui qui : [ Per il giudice : ] Dammi una possibilità … mi dia una possibilità … Dammi una possibilità , non tagliare fuori di me . Non sto difendendo me stesso , …


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  1. This has to be the most anti-America comment section ever! XD

  2. Ryan Schell says:

    Who is this guy? He seems really nice.

  3. Ramblings of a man that knows he's been a very naughty boy!

  4. after the us invasion to iraq it as became a rouble contry , so saddam was better than bush

  5. sarah khan says:

    Y has Bush not be hanged for millions if not billions of innocent civilians he has organised to kill?
    Wha about the innocent Palestinians
    From the mouth of an ex British Soldier who went into Palestine and after all the ugly things he saw happen he said 'if I had to pick between an Arab and a Jew ad pick Arab, coz never trust a jew'
    Jrw in urdu means Nit lol

  6. he was shitting his pants while talking to the judge. this is not a speech this is a pathetic try to save his filthy ass. 

  7. News107 says:

    Tony Blair is a war criminal He has to go to THE Court of human Rights in THE Hague. THE truth is He can not be responsible for THE Peace process in THE Middle East ,and He Sent 135.000 Soldiers to Iraq war without Proof with USA .
    USA Tony Blair and THE English government owe Iraq more than
    3 Trillion Dollar and more than 2 Million innocent People killed in this war.

  8. kill all leaders of the world

  9. PhuckHue2 says:

    so long dummy!

  10. Raeghz says:

    fuck iran fuck usa, Saddam will be in our hearts, you scum shits can say he's dictator, but he was an angel,you just made him look like a dictator, LONG LIVE GREAT IRAK

  11. Who amI says:

    This guy is a murdered lets not forget that. DON'T PITY SADDAM, for he has ordered the dead of thousands without giving them a defend themselves in a court of law. He was a worldly man and a secular murderer. SHED NO TEARS FOR HIM. For he smiled while others were killed infront of him.

  12. hbk711x says:

    netanyahu aka modern hitler satanyahu said 9-11 and ISIS are a good thing and he had mossad spies filming and celebrating 9-11 and he has given Aid to ISIS and Al queda after 9-11, they are spies while USA media does inside job teorrist invasions!

  13. hbk711x says:

    Iraq had nothign to do with 9-11 and the anthrax attack was made in teh USA gvot, but zionist nazi mossad SPIES filmed and laughed at dying american with prior knoweldge, its an inside job terorist war as described by PNAC and even vietnam war on record is an inside job terorist war, see gulf of tonkin and the 9-11 inside job was described in operation gladio, the history and proof is USA lied about war and planned an attack at themselves,  norad also stood down! The 9-11 commisions is fileld w/ lies and apart timers and ppl w/ conflicts of interest over sought by Bush even though it was investigating his failure, thats dishonest and the report is cheeper then what was invested in Bill clinton, we need a new objective investigation!

  14. Ram Sam says:

    America is gay

  15. Ben D. says:

    Bush and his damn people deserve to be treated worse than this evil.

  16. Why Bush also dont get executed? Or Obama= Or pretty muc heveryone western and western-backed leaders?

    Remember the Shah of Iran was ten times more brutal than those who came after him ,and he was US SUPPORTED!

  17. ny yanks22 says:

    He had weapons of mass destruction cause America provided him with them many years ago, so, everyone needs to take blame for there actions !

  18. chris choda says:

    Every one has a time limit for living and they ll face death , but this man and died bravely ll he is one of greatest man ll be ever in iraqi ppls nd if today is iraq 100 yrs backward the responsible is own iraqi nation

  19. I have no hatred towards Saddam. But I feel this speech is sad and a little undignified. His executors were empty of the love of God. But he did earn his execution.

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