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  1. oophelia46 N says:

    Or just going underground?

  2. John Connor says:

    "Why was there a report on Facebook that George Bush had died recently!"

  3. I believe in this but not David death he own the world

  4. way to drive traffic lol I already don't believe this before ive even watched it

  5. Shaneka X says:

    fyi.. Body harvesting of kidnapped persons is the reason for the 8-9 hearts David Rockefeller has had. He is not on a 'list'.

  6. Sean OLeary says:

    Didn't Christ say to that apostle that the only sin that is unforgivable is to blaspheme the holy spirit. Well, all of these "people" have..

  7. Illuminati il satanic

  8. Shanti says:

    No, they do not believe in eternal hellfire one bit. They don't believe that awaits them.

  9. Global nuclear

  10. They all died a long time ago

  11. Mya Wilson says:

    ACall for An Uprising lmao?? Its how you're expressing it

  12. Can some one please send me the real scripture of Matthew 6:9-13


  13. Negans girl says:

    Queen Elizabeth is already deceased. It just haven't been announced yet. Why? For whatever reasons they feel that it's not time to announced it yet, but she's gone and has-been just before the ending year of 2016 and that's a fact!

  14. Frasiercraig says:

    When the SHTF your friendly neighborhood scumbags run for the hills (underground cities), they hope that if you think they're dead you won't bother looking for them. First thing to check is who really owns/funds the website.

  15. Rockefellers will never die he said he had enough money to buy heart transplant for ever

  16. these people you say did horrible things but if they believe in christ they will be saved, what about good people who do not believe in christ will they go to hell?… not logic me thinks

  17. They have Monoatomic gold, the white powder made of gold.
    It cure everything even death upto 3 days.
    Read Zechariah Sitchins books.
    Also see the video about Alien base for giants in Bucegi mountains in Romania, it explains it all. They also do their best to hinder us acess to New pyramids see The Bosnian pyramid, where we may learn not only our history but also that aĺla pyramids are linked to the universal healing power of the One creator..
    And that also humans can link to this source themselves and heaĺ others, see videos about Shaolin Healing masters and also Bio energy Healing and The Domencic Method..
    With this energy every sickness can be healed. The same energy jesus had but The elites collected it all anď hide it from us, not to use It themselves since the training was ĺong and complicated, but to hinder us and have us to forget how to be one with The source of alĺ, as jesus was.
    The elites instead used The Monoatomic gold, and also made pacts with the interdimensionall dark entities who could shift to whatever form, and cloak the cabalist with its living energy, make him appear as someone else, for the price of blood and pain and death..
    It also made those not human to appear as such.
    That was how the reptilians became those in the highest seats worldwide..
    See Shapeshifter I videos.,
    Now you got one more of the many puzzlebits I found under my long research which is still going on..
    It's up to you what to think of it, but I feel it to be true in the deep of my heart..

  18. Brice Holzer says:

    We can only hope!

  19. Lewis B says:

    I genuinely hope so but they have already got others to take their place of course…

  20. Ty Arnold says:

    I wish that old ugly reptile would god slither back to her cave and DIE!!! I'M TALKING about the people that call queen Elisabeth I just call her an ugly old reptile stop eating children and eat the blower dead you sick thang!!!!!

  21. f*** that I will every douche you just mentioned I wish was already dead nasty beasts!!!!!

  22. Muhammad Ali was not a part of system. He was the most nicest man in the world who was standing up for his religion and peoples. Don't put his name along this persons.

  23. Make a video of Donald Marshall the human clone, if you haven't already please! Im new to your page and this video was very interesting to me.

  24. KIDDI Boi says:

    what we all call a dead man like Jesus? he's an Illuminati! And Satan!

  25. Queen Elizabeth type O- neg George bush Sr. A- Neg

  26. yehmiyah says:

    they probably used his grandson's body parts to replace his non-healthy parts, also a blood transfusion

  27. SilentBruda says:

    xD i hope they meet them creator soon :)

  28. They can not Repent!!

  29. mike mcc says:

    where is the prove of your claims of these people being satinists pedo,s cannabals etc? you make these claims but provide not evidence

  30. Sund Mand says:

    I find it hard to believe that people like Bush and Rockefeller can spend a life of doing evil but at their death bed can ask for Jesus to forgive them .. and they are forgiven and go to heaven … sorry but that is not a religion I want to be a part of…

  31. only god knows when ppl died

  32. good ridence to these disgusting filthy excuses for human beings they have hurt this planet hurt all life on this planet and even disgraced religion they deserve to burn in hell for eternity and they will.

  33. omg the strange part of youtube again….

  34. chase green says:

    America is blind and every one needs to wake the FUCK up

  35. They know The Most High has big plans for them for eternity.

  36. toevelocity says:

    soon as ya came out with the christian bullshit you lost me

  37. they are not humans they are literally another species that's why they can do those horrible things they do not have empathy like we naturally have as human beings

  38. Tick-tock you satanic pedophiles

  39. Isaac Good says:

    Take David Rockefeller off the screen– nightmares fa real fa real

  40. Isaac Good says:

    best intro goes to you bro

  41. Is It True? says:

    they are not dying no. they are reptillians ,that can live for a very long time. They can come back in another form.

  42. Luca Clarke says:

    I had a flash of them all walking towards a grave with their noses held high in the air and they all fell in to it.

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