ILLUMINATI EXPOSED : The Video Alex Jones won’t show or talk about!


Illuminati Exposed – The Video Alex Jones won’t show or talk about! View at By Jordan Maxwell – The Illuminati Exposed …


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  1. 4 music videos and tracks we have done so far to expose the Elite , illuminati , bilderberg , banker , government , wat ever u wish to name the evil that try running the world and making it full of war and corruption , please feel free to share them as much as u can and help open the eyes of others , 1 love

    Warning =
    Wake Up Call =
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  2. how can saturn be GOD? or even worshipped..its a product of creation? itss not a creator..dumb old man

  3. Redawg58 says:

    There Here…….

  4. Ok I cannot comment of everything, but as a Greek pretty well versed in ancient mythology and language I can pinpoint 2 major errors: Circe was not a godess but a witch and was never referred to as "mother". Christ is derived from Christos (Xristos) and does not mean oil, oil in ancient greek is "elaion", insted Christos means the annointed one. If I can point these fallacies I bet people with more extensive knowledge can completely deconstruct his arguments, which to me now seem like "wordplay" indeed.

  5. MONYO says:

    This guy read all kinds of trash out there for 40 years (and there is a tremendous amount of ALL kinds of garbage out there) written by just any and every yuppy and druggie out there, and this is what you get… a false doctrine for people with itchy ears. Jesus Christ said it clearly "In the last days, many false teachers, false christs and false prophets will arise to deceive and will deceive many, if possible even the elect. I tell you beforehand."

  6. MONYO says:

    Wow, this guy is one… sick… puppy. Christ means oil??? Jesus OIL???!!! So, let me see now… because they anointed people with oil , and Jesus is the anounted one, that s why He is Christ? Hahahaha…. was Jesus the only anointed one in the bible? David was anointed too, should we call him David Christ? … the sun of God??? If it dont come up youre dead, are you kidding me man ???!!! Wow, this is one stupid italian dude

  7. MONYO says:

    Okaaayyyy…. 1:11:00 IM OUTAHERE!!! :-))))))

  8. This has befallen us because we have no compassion for animals and treat them like the Nazis treated Jews. THIS is why we have no more "families" & why this great nation will soon be herded into the FEMA camps like the cattle they raised us to be!

  9. Max Sat says:

    you suck ! whats wrong with what Jones said , you punks ? you just spreading garbage

  10. You are all on your own road of CHOICES. Just because someone makes a statement does not mean it is true. It also does not mean it is untrue just because you chose a different path than the other person. No matter who says whatever, YOU are responsible for your own path and you also have no right in stating that anothers' path is incorrect or wrong. It is not YOUR place to judge the place of another. So try not to waste your time by trying to direct another to your way of thinking. It's not very enjoyable is it? No matter how much peace you have on your path you do not know of the peace the other has found on theirs'. If you don't understand what I am trying to tell you, that is just fine and dandy with me. Buh bye.

  11. There is a lot of credible valuable information been shared here. Watch out for trolls whos only job is to discredit any type of unconventional thinking.

  12. if he just tied in Budism hed be dead on…period!!!

  13. Anthoneck says:

    what a mixed up escapee from the asylum.

  14. J.S. Reilly says:

    "alex jones won't show this!" okay, who are u offering up as presenting the truth? jodan maxwell? come on!

  15. For over 3 years I've been researching a variety of topics and what Maxwell says fits right in with the things I've learned from other sources.I don't agree with some things he says but his work on how symbols are related in things we see in our daily life is right on. Long live the internet!

  16. Around 1:38:00 Maxwell talks about "magic mushrooms" with regard to mind expansion. Though I've never used this type of drug, from what I've read/heard etc, it opens up "doors" into other places. The problem with this is once you open that door can you ever close it?

  17. denis toms says:

    I dont see why Alex Jones wont talk about this it seems right up his street.

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