Illuminati Fingerprints; Isis Christmas attack ??? War on Christmas


War on Christmas: This video is not predicting a Christmas event we are merely showing the Illuminati fingerprints leading up to a possible event. Will we see a …


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  1. i did a breakdown of this just recently. i watched this one b4 so it helped a lot. thanx killak

  2. on the 2016 economist cover. sorry

  3. Tris Baker says:

    when these bustards point the index finger up it's the masonic sign for their creator.

  4. The coming attack is scheduled for friday 25th of december 2015. Time unknown.

  5. Lmao nothing is gonna happen. Christmas is a terrible day to plan any kind of strike, especially around the holidays security and attention is all heightened. They are smarter than that. I will put all my money on it being one of the more peaceful Christmas's we have.

  6. if we die we will go with God

  7. if we die we will go with God

  8. no God is real who made you and who made your parents and who made theirs and their is a end and god made the last one

  9. This is why people need to wake up WAKE UP AMERICANS #OPAwakenAmerica

  10. Daniel Blair says:

    We here in America are a Christin nation regardless of what Obama says, to deny that is to ignore reality, I will not bow to political correctness or to Islam, if the Muslims are offended by our western world, then they need to go back to the disaster they came from and not import onto our shores, they will not assimilate to our society, all one has to do is look at Europe, what a nightmare over there, Trump has it right, until we know who's getting our country they don't need to be here, bottom line here is with all that loss of freedom we have endured, what security did we gain, ……NONE, just loss of freedoms, give us our freedoms back

  11. Today is past Christmas and I didn't see news of Isis attacks on Christmas.

  12. Franco Ortiz says:

    We SURVIVED!!!!!!

  13. wake up Americans……you are being duped and your soul will pay the ultimate price, eternity in fiery hellfire

  14. AngieBaaBaa says:

    I find it astonishing that with all of the Presidents ever in office, the current one, has had more than 126+ mass shootings…this is based on the 8 yrs of office held by a President; Regan had 12; Bush 13-15; Clinton 11…

  15. Gary Smith says:

    Hey look, NOTHING HAPPENED, what a surprise!

  16. funny videos says:

    LOL! i also hava funny videos about Isis 2016 but Cartoon

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