Illuminati Have Developed a Gender Bending Pesticide that Turns Male Frogs Female & Gay




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  1. I fully support lgbt rights. this is what I have a problem with!

  2. Harry Beaver says:

    So did you learn what shape the Earth is yet?

  3. I've been saying for years that something in our food or water supply is causing this because I know dozens of families that have a boy that is gay and a girl that is gay. Like their sexualities are switched.

  4. rache says:

    Have you heard of trans model Andreja Pejic? The person is now doing a campaign for cosmetics line 'Make Up Forever'.

  5. this is sick but The title made me laugh

  6. waiting for Jesus to return… HURRY!!!! Sad society?

  7. I put the link here also you can Google translate it it's pretty important to look into

  8. spagzs says:

    Interesting that they picked a frog … Some frogs spontaneously change sex

  9. …fly/spray that PEST-icide over Fraudthority DC !

  10. Atom Knows says:

    Guarantee this stuff is in the Vaccines and probably has been for a while, the ones in Control want to reduce the world population, this is one way to do it.

  11. 6gatornation says:

    Atrazine is a weed killer for lawn and gardening

  12. Think this will come to a culmination with Michelle Obama coming out? Could be what she was always there for. To normalize this more.

  13. Jackie Laila says:

    I'd love to see what you have to say about the group anonymous

  14. Str8 Shooter says:

    This pond is full of gay fish. Time to reset the button.

  15. baldy razor says:

    The whole Jadyn Smith, and Kaitlin (sp?) Jenner thing is so sad. These people have completely lost their identity. Why does it seem like more men are interested in being women that women interested in being men? This is a direct result of the breakdown of society and the removal of God in our educational system, there seems to be no right or wrong and consequences for choosing the wrong. Our society in on a downhill spiral and gaining speed.

  16. Russ Redfern says:

    Are you kidding ?

  17. annie butler says:

    And it all goes into our water. We can't escape it.

  18. And soy also has similar effects on children. It is loaded with estrogen, femnizing boys and developing girls earlier… a paedos dream come true. But let us not discount the list of the heart, although meth and hallucinogenics are created to influence the mind to do hedonistic things.

  19. the illuminati are some bitch ass punk ass scum bags for real

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