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  1. Prince Slice says:

    If this Is real this Is some crazy shit

  2. S E2333 says:

    Everyone keeps saying oh the money is the root of all evil! No!! It's fucking old white people! And old white power.

  3. metamaggot says:

    one such band that sold their soul for success was "orange juice"…their music is crap there's no other way they could have had success

  4. they will pay YAHS vengeance soon they are dumb as heck

  5. they will pay YAHS vengeance soon they are dumb as heck

  6. in my opinion this video has truth, but plz dont play scary music or show the pyramid eye thing.

  7. Cruzzz Tho says:

    second song…..agian white campanulas

  8. Cruzzz Tho says:

    first song….young buck- thou shall

  9. wow.. just watched the video Toy Soldiers…. scary …

  10. Then why don't people just do it to get rich? I'm sure the neighborhood crackhead would be interested in killin whoever if this were true

  11. slater1ist says:


    "Illuminati Sacrifice of Whitney Houston! Illuminati Ritual… Egyptian Sarcophagus at Funeral"

    copy and paste that.

  12. slater1ist says:

    the rabbit hole gets deeper people. I'm looking at the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX since i've seen the Straight Outta Compton hype on the web. the Cia created Gangsta rap and once Gangsta Rap got really a hold on people, the prisons started to fill up. dude listens to "slanging" and "surviving" and "doing bids"…and the prisons started to fill up. wow this world has people as lab rats doing whatever they want people to do to make them some money millions and billions of it.

  13. slater1ist says:

    did we all forget that souljaboy's brother (age 14) was killed in a car "accident'. They love sacrificing Celeb's relatives to car accidents because people will accept the "murder" better.

  14. slater1ist says:

    the Williams Sisters (tennis) lost a sister to a bizaare shooting too.

  15. slater1ist says:

    Nobody talks about Michael Jordan's dad being found Dead also. Nor do anybody talk about Usher's step son being killed in a speed boat "accident". that kid was only 11 years old. Usher almost lost his own son in a drowning "accident" at his home. Oh and Justin Beibers grandparents were nearly killed in a CAR ACCIDENT. COINCIDENTAL BOY! Before her album dropped Nicki Minaj lost a 1st cousin to death. hmmmmm…..lesson here IF YOU EVER HAVE A CELEB RELATIVE, RUNNNNN!!!!!!

  16. THE-VAULT says:

    Yo, I been telling people, the Illuminanni is just trying to shut us down, god.

  17. telle martin says:

    Dam that white chick ain't care about shit Dr Dre lost a son and let's get back to reality TV now Wow she's and idiot

  18. Can't watch anything with satanic background "noise"! GET RID OF IT AND RE-UPLOAD IT if you really are serious.

  19. _Oscarr says:

    Damon dash is hella stupid if he did sacrificed Aaliyah

  20. Okayokay1995 says:

    Interesting video…just curious so who did Beyonce sacrifice?

  21. Omg wtf is that song playing???? Its cool as fuck.

  22. Wetty Bite says:

    So why did Jennifer Hudson have to sacrifice her whole family when the others only had to sacrifice one? She's not very famous, u would think she'ld be more famous than the others for sacrificing her whole family! Plus, eminem and a lot of the people on here were already famous when their friends or relatives died so wtf?

  23. MisterRlGHT says:


    (I bet a housecat or at least a rabbit or possum.)

  24. Ronny Swift says:

    But where is the PROOF, how do these ppl find these things out without any proof?

  25. Ronny Swift says:

    If all this is true where is the evidence?

  26. If this is true, how come only black celebrities are accused of selling their souls?  White celebrities don't sell their soul, they just become rich automatically??   Unfortunately death is part of life selling your soul or not.

  27. Ben Ramirez says:

    what's the name of the song staring at 0.18?

  28. Black A.M says:

    What's the name of that song on 06:16?

  29. dlbapc says:

    People have countless misfortunes in life, just like these people (celebrities) here. Just because they're celebrities doesn't make them above that or certainly untouchable. Granted, unfortunate coincidences some of them are. But when you have nothing and stuff like that still happens (because you're human, and unfortunately that's life) what the hell does that mean? Fuck all is what it means. Rich or poor, famous or forgotten. Life fucks you in the ass it's got cock all to do with the fucking illuminati.

  30. Ms Aguirre says:

    Not saying because no one knows for sure. The illuminati is being a puppet letting others control you. Look up Michael Jackson and the stand he took against the entertainment industry . He was tired they control him since age 5 and he was tired of it. To sale your soul means you are willing to do anything for a cost. People can buy you with money. Signing contacts for example

  31. Stacey E says:

    How do I join im ready to be rich fuck the cost

  32. this illuminati crap is bull yo 
    its just a way for regular people to talk bad about rich people … think becoming famous is that easy all you have 2 do is sale your soul lol if that was the case we all would be rich and famous …….and all this vid did was show me rich fucks who lost family …..shit happens ……its not evil its just life 

  33. Your video does not show any evidence that these deaths are of a result of the illuminati, infact you are just showing us people who have died who are related to famous people, where is your evidence….please research more and provide more relative information, this video was a load of crap !

  34. Grim Reaper says:

    when people say oh why are they leting us see this then its because god famous term what happens in the dark soon comes to ligh so basically they want it to they have no shame in they game 

  35. Grim Reaper says:

    what they do is one thing about satan is he shows you a flash of the future so in music videos this is what they showing us in regards to him of existent and his work so he is real clearly 

  36. Chris Devine says:

    why are these sacrifices all taking place many years after the fact? Dr Dre's coming some 20 years after breaking out, eminem's happening 10 years after coming out… not so sure this would be the way.

  37. King christ Jesus thank god if u choose to draw close to jehovah u can be assured of accurate knowledge of the truth and comfort of a paradise earth with out corruption and Death be blessed snd remember a mnd is a terrible thing to waste for the heart wants what it wants but not what it needs

  38. At the end of the day free will plays a major roll in peoples decision of what they choose and except that of according to willing sin in your own flesh and unforeseen acurances be takes most if not all as revelations 13 verses 1to 19 clearly identifies in detail satans plan an purpose for indeed he is the god of this world cast out of heaven unto the earth we serve a perfect and orderly creator Jehovah of Armies and have been blessed to see the traghts of our creator threw his son the Messiah

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