Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia & Satanic Mind Control


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  1. Karmageddon says:

    (tactical opinion incoming scroll past!)

    as a parent you are entirely responsible to control what your kids see its nobody elses fault if i had a kid i would NOT want it to look like a sex object and therefore keep it away from media that makes it seem like one i also wouldnt buy it all sorts of weird outfits simply because of how moronic they look. do you get my point ?

  2. Don't rely on television and society to raise your kids. companies promote what sells, it's not the companies that are the problem, it's the consumers.

  3. Phil Platt says:

    Hah after all what this video is about they use the same crap computer generated electro music to back it that all the people they are putting down use!


  5. This video is absolutely moronic. Yes, blame the corporations…what does it matter WHAT the corporations do or make if the PARENT'S had half a brain, some balls, and the initiative to actually TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for and RAISE THEIR OWN CHILDREN instead of letting the TV and computer babysit them because mom and dad are too lazy and self-absorbed to give a damn about the children THEY CHOSE to bring into existence? But NO, we have a bunch of braindead, neglectful parents out there who only see their kids for dinner or to sign a report card and we act like its some plastic dolls that are to blame for our children's behavior. ANYTHING we can do to pass the blame off on someone or something else so that we don't have to feel guilty or feel the need to work on ourselves or be better parents and people in general. Lazy, idiotic scum.

  6. Maybe parents shouldn't sit their children in front of the tv all the time and be responsible. Instead of complaining about the programs, take your kids outside and do things together as a family. Problem solved. I grew up in a house where kids did not get to watch tv and I turned out grateful for it. I learned so much, experienced a lot and I had lots of fun. The problem isn't the shows, the problem is lazy parents.

  7. I was watching dance moms on comcast cable's on demand and the commercial that was on repeat during the series was a Viagra commercial…. My mind was blown!! It made me sick to my stomach.

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  9. S Mal-Dick says:

    Yeah I agree that it's super weird that shows for 5-12 yos are about teenagers… But what's wrong with normalizing homosexuality? What if your child decides they don't want to be married or have children… Or can't? Sexualizing children and ignoring empathy and morals is a big deal, but there's middle ground between archaic Christian values and millennial bullshit. Your belief that children who arent raised as God fearing conservatives aren't as good as others is also really culty and weird

  10. Upendi is a swahili word though and it means love …. but other than that this video was amazing and it's sad and scary that so many parents aren't seeing this!

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  12. This is scary I'm a kid I sure hope I don't get mind control I'm only 10 I'm scared

  13. Norima Osaka says:

    family guy isn't for kids anyways… it's on adult swim.

  14. Norima Osaka says:

    it's just the fact that it's on the same channel as cartoon network, which it shouldn't be because kids are going to end up watching it. this relates to hbo in daytime and hbo in nighttime. not a good time for kids to watch…

  15. Join our group for truth, love & healing <3 🙂
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  16. What's up with the name?

  17. Kali Kross says:

    What do you expect? The majority of Disney's writers and executives are middle-aged, privileged men who vacation in places like Costa Rica (*wink, wink). They express their desires in a kiddie format for the screen; much of it has to be edited by their QA departments, which see far worse smut than the packaged version we see. You can just imagine what doesn't make it through production (or you can research it and find tons of evidence). The Hollywood kids (as well as their parents) are brainwashed by these pedophiles and/or perverts, and all players in the game will do anything to maintain the illusion. These people have sold their souls. Why would they give a damned about yours, which they deem as far less valuable than theirs?

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