Illuminati Inflict Biblical Plagues on Thailand


In 2011, dam water was deliberately released causing widespread flooding in Thailand. The writer believes that the intention was to increase poverty and unemployment.

By  Semper Castleton 

One can really sense local peoples’ anxiety and uncertainty in the Land of Smiles,  aka Thailand, formerly Siam . The world famous smiles may be sincere but hidden behind them is something else.

Thailand has been through such tremendous change since the writer embarked on a Siamese Sojourn which has lasted twenty years.

In the nineties, Thailand was a paradise of sun, sea , sand and all the good peaceful things in life . Thai people were just commencing their exposure to Westerners and their mixed influences. Now, in 2012, Thailand is as immersed in the political turmoil that has beset many other nation.


During the early nineties, Thailand was a very ferocious Asian Tiger. Just like South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, the country’s industry was booming. Tourism was booming too. Thailand was booming beyond belief in every way possible. Apart a brief military spat ( a coup d’etat  caused by an army general named Suchinda)in 1991,Thailand was quite stable economically ,socially and politically.

But the Private Corporation that controls all the world governments via the CFR, Trilateral Commission, to name a few names,  fronted by a certain George Soros could not allow these fiery Asian Tigers nations get too strong for the Rothschilds’ control .

crisis1997.jpegThe Asian Economic Crisis of  August/September 1997 inflicted great hardship on Thailand . Thailand really shouted and screamed. The Thai baht crashed to its lowest level against the US dollar ( about 25 baht to 1 USD ). The good time years were really over and could never return.

In order to ‘ soldier on ‘  with realistic development Thailand was obliged to borrow very heavily from the IMF and World Bank . It was the usual Rothschild Zionist Bankster trick as deals were struck with the Thai Government .

Of course the Thai people did not have a clue what was going on. They never do ! It was the usual backdoor deal. Thais still cling to their hope for democracy even when another military coup can easily materialize, when a prominent prime minister is forced to resign and seek asylum in another country and when a young female is tested out as a prime minister.


The next major crisis was the Asian Tsunami on 26th December 2004 . The two incredibly high waves had been generated by an earthquake near Aceh, Indonesia . It has since been hinted that the earthquake was created by H.A.A.R.P technology. The writer was a survivor: missing the first wave by a hair’s breadth . The effect of this tsunami was to devastate the tourist industry that had been steadily improving since 1997.

There was also a plane crash at Phuket in October 2007 which put even more dents in the tourists’ confidence in Thailand.

redshirts.jpgSince 2007 we have had some exciting shirt scenarios (color revolutions?) First we had people in bright Yellow shirts create havoc at the new Bangkok airport for about three weeks.  Tourists were stranded inside the airport buildings.

Subsequently we had the Red shirt war in central Bangkok which resulted in some foreign journalists being killed, because they saw too much, and a large shopping centre was set alight . At the time many buildings were set alight . For days Bangkok was full of rubber tyres being set on fire by the red shirt people .

Both the bright Yellow shirts and equally bright Red shirts were top draw on CNN , You Tube and Google . Thailand was becoming newsworthy and notorious for public violence. In fact Thai people are not violent people . They are gentle and friendly people.


The latest calamity to strike a big body blow to Thailand’s political equilibrium was the flooding during the last three months of 2011.

Hundreds of ordinary people were drowned and thousands of Thai and foreign business venues were destroyed. The Thai army emergency teams were fortunate to protect the center of Bangkok. The Thai government panicked profusely. It was acceptable for the local people to suffer but the rich and famous in Bangkok had to be protected.

The accumulative effect of all the events since 1997 has resulted in Thai people experiencing emotions such as fear, anxiety and natural concerns for employment and food supplies. Thailand has been destabilized since that time . What is the best way to change society ? Have a war. What is the next best way to upset a nation? Have and civil unrest and flooding.

The flooding, in particular, has caused many well known Japanese automobile companies to cease their production in Thailand. The rate of unemployment has skyrocketed since the start of this year. The Ayutthaya area, 2 hours north of Bangkok , was the worst effected area forcing many families to reluctantly relocate to places like Rayong on the Eastern seaboard.

Finally we have had bombings in Bangkok last month. Irrespective of the nationality of the perpetrators or even the targets, the tourist industry has been tarnished. Can one call it the ” final nail in the coffin” for tourism in Thailand .


First, let’s swiftly review the writer’s background :- was awakened at the age of 16 years by grammar school teacher with full explanations about the Rockefeller/Rothschilds history,  freemasonry influence on government, law, police and media , and new world order/world government expectations. The writer’s mother had always been extolling ” There are no coincidences in Life – Everything happens for a reason ” . There have not been any coincidences in Thailand .

Those red and yellow shirt events were politically generated to cause Thai people to fear for their safety.  The several disturbances were also implemented to demonstrate that the ultimate power in Thailand is the Monarchy. Both red and yellow shirt factions are still aligned to political parties and ‘outside Thailand’  interests.

Already this year there have been whispers that Bangkok can expect another riotous Red shirt event this year.   Talk of CIA involvement is fervently denied of course.

The 2011 disastrous flooding was quite unbelievable especially when for the past twenty years, water management at the two northern dams, named after the current king and queen, was a mundane turn of the switch or crank of a handle.

But that did not happen in 2011. Dam water was released without any care or thought. It simply, found the easiest course as water does, flowed down to the Gulf of Thailand narrowly avoiding the central parts of Bangkok. The writer believes that it was a deliberate act with the intent to increase  poverty and unemployment within Thailand.

And the February bombings in Bangkok ?  What do they represent?  Problem Reaction Solution. What else can it be? These bombings were designed to give the Thai government and Thai police more powers to intensify control of all people in Thailand .

For years, the writer has listened to the Thai people’s heartfelt yearnings  for democracy knowing full well that i) they have never had it and ii) they will never get it.

thai1.jpgMedia control and social hierarchy is so powerful that Thai people will never be given the chance to wake up and learn about the private corporation which rules over the Thai Government, and wants to establish a one-world police state.

This writer sadly reports that Thailand is now on the slippery slope to a police state. Thai people are genuinely nice people.  The writer is filled with sadness for them because they are innocent like children totally unaware of what is really happening to them.

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