Illuminati Kill Christians : Psyop Antichrist : Satanic Ritual Abuse Rape Torture


(3 Interviews) Carolyn Hamlett was saved from a torturous Illumianti bloodline by the blood of Yeshua. She’s recorded many interviews about her experiences as …


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  1. hey guy with the awesome bear voice…happy holiday?

  2. PI_FFY says:

    "Political Correctness = False Peace".

  3. way too creepy for Christmas. disappointed with your timing and judgment. hope your season is as merry as possible.

  4. Raccoon Eyes says:

    this broad is delusional.. i hope no one takes this seriously.

  5. Great job as usual brother. I have seen these in the past, Carolyn Hamlett's experience of meeting the fake Christ is so eerie to me. Back in the day almost every one of those who spoke out spoke of the reptilians (sure David Icke was smirking). Have you looked into Kathy O'brien? President Ford was her handler when he was a govenor (she was a mk ultra mind control slave). She implicates papa Bush and the Clinton's as well as others. I placed a link below for you.

    Good stuff bro, it is all true even tho it seems unbearlievable! :)

  6. Kasey H says:

    Speaking of the 10 commandments the majority of Christians today ignore the 4th commandment of keep holy the sabbath and choose to follow Roman Catholic lords day "SUN"day which according to my calander happens to be the first day of the week instead of the 7th day which is Gods holy sabbath

  7. This is one of those situations where clicking a thumbs up feels just awful. It feels like it is praising the evil within the video. I clicked it in support of the channel, but I don't like the thumbs up or down icon. It needs to be changed to something else. The whole thumbs up and down seems Luciferian.

  8. CIP says:

    Man that last story….. poor little girl . I have never felt nausea from anything I've ever seen or heard in 40+ years till now I'm sick to my stomach . You're not supposed to hate or wish the most unimaginable torture on people and an eternity of suffering in HELL but in those monsters cases I suspend my Christian beliefs .

  9. Kk Westbury says:

    Prayers for you protection, in the most High name.

  10. Irena J says:

    she says she has more info than anyone else, because she was first hand there, but have heard that "high German was spoken at ceremonies" by other people and never attended one? Also when it is about other practical info, she says she "believes so".. And what she's saying is what we all know anyway. Plus she's laughing at some not-laughable points and very indifferently says she's been molested. I don't trust her, I think it's bs. Doesn't pass the "smell test" for me

  11. my lilly says:

    I'm so glad you ended the video with those Bible verses. This is unimaginable.

  12. You the "man" Bear? Humanly speaking of course.
    Proverbs 8:36
    But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.
    There some groups and individuals that come to mind. The Bible is so amazing.
    Here's some food for thought. If a Jesus appears and walking around doing his thing with wonders and miracles and your a sealed and saved Christian still in your corrupt physical flesh, it ain't our Jesus.

  13. Mary Poppins says:

    Thank you for being a voice for all those children and shining a light on such an evil presence that so far has flourished. It's essential we understand just how high up their protection comes from. No matter how disturbing, if there are survivors they need us to help stop this. I've enjoyed your work and trust your insights, GOd bless you and your son.

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