Illuminati Triple Helix 3 Strand DNA – Serpentseed as children of Cain


In his notes, my friend penned some personal thoughts after having considered his observations and the source of his DNA materials. “On the plane ride back …


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  1. I love your work, I truly do. But, there is one thing I always contest with and today I thought I'd discuss it. Recall the serpent in the garden pointed eve to the tree which could read as her being with one of the Angels as your work says. But, if the serpent was Satan/lucifer, he's pointing to another that's not him. That's part one. Part two lies with the Angels locked in the bottomless pit waiting to be released by Satan in the end days.. These Angels are in there because they stepped passed the limits YHWH set for them. They mated with human women and begat Giants. For this, they are in the pit. YHWH is a just and righteous judge and decrees fairly. If the 200 are locked up for mating with the women, then lucifer will be too. But he's not locked up yet. It is only in the end of time, when he begets his son the Antichrist, that they will both be tossed into the lake or fire. Only after having his son, does he get the same, just judgement as the original 200. Satan didn't do as they did, yet but he will. So, while I agree, there is a bloodline among us that are not us, it's not directly Satan's seed yet it is the offspring of the nephilim. Looking at Genesis 10, we can see the 36 tribes of Giants we find throughout the bible all come directly from Canaan Mitzraim for certain and possibly Gog and magog (Lord mayor parade and ramparts of magog) these came from Noah's sons Ham and Japheth. However they became nephilim again, it's not from Cain's line but perhaps we can dig deeper to discover just how this happened. God bless 

  2. Where is the chatroom for your radio show?

  3. This is truly fascinating. I am impressed at how much it explains about all the suppressed discoveries and lost information of the mysterious unexplained things we have evidence of in our world. Truth is much more fascinating than fiction. People who diss the Bible as a boring man made book, just haven't throughly investigated it, or else they would see that there is so much more to it. As for some of what you, Zen, have shared here, it does help to explain so many things as to why that 'the powers that be' have kept hidden from the public and have through the abuse of their wealth and power have even manufactured lies to through off those who have sought to uncover and discover the truth about world ancient history, such as the unusual pictures engraved in caves, ziggurats, pyramids, etc. as well as legends handed down in many tribes, which 'they' have played off as the fantasies of unintelligent cavemen…as if there was a time when mankind was dumb as a rock.

  4. Hey Brother Zen,,,thank you for your work,,,,amazing information.  I would love to talk to you, because I have been shown something truly amazing by our Lord….I use to think of pre Adamic eath,,,but after studying all the science for many years,,people like Kent Hovind,,,and ICR, and many other Christian scientists all the "evidence" that points to an old earth is full of faulty assumptions.   Just like the geologic column is completely based on circular reasoning,,,fossils dated by rocks,,,rocks dated by fossils,,,also they lie about knowing the speed of light….They cannot calculate it,,the number 186,000 miles per sec is the 2 way speed of light bounced off an object, then divided by 2…all to fit there premise of millions of years to make the lie of evolution more plausible…which we both know it doesn't….I do think that this material world is young,,,but obviously other types of entities existed long before us, space , time, and matter,,,,and I believe that is where so many stories come from,,,incidents that occurred outside this realm….Thanks again Brother..

  5. Was john the Baptist reincarnated elija

  6. Thank You Brother! Still No one will listen…. I even found lineage that included cain… I got shot down over it on a facebook post… Who was Cains father,,,,,,

  7. Ron Coleman says:

    Someone needs to get the facts straight. Gen 4:1 CLEARLY states that Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. Also pretty certain that the two witnesses are indeed Moses (represents the law) and Elijah(represents the prophets). You may write and publish a library full of books but that will never undo the true word of God.

  8. The Heal says:


  9. are this illuminate blood type..rh negative ?

  10. IJ says:

    Wow very interesting info.. I'm still listening but I have a few videos about triple helix DNA because I think it's going to be the "mark of the beast" and the abomination of desolation.
    I think you'll find the second one pretty interesting considering the ofanim are mentioned in the vision of Ezekiel's whirlwind:

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