Illuminati,Music Industry and Why Michael Jackson Was Killed Part 2 (L)



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  1. Dj Ed says:

    idk i ben repeating these spongebob episodes and i dont get it!!!! >:O

  2. The Gateway says:

    @vegeta1989100 Brother,you've been subscribed to my channel for a good amount of time,have you not read the MS (the writing on the left of my channel page)?The videos I upload which seem to have nothing to do with their title (like this!) are uploaded to avoid copyright infringement.When this is done,I have an '(L)' in the title,indicating that there is a link to the actual video in the video description.So,if you look,there is a link which takes you to the actual video.Peace and Love

  3. xD I GOT FIRE IN MA LASER MAAAAAAA thanks for the link bro!

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