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I sat down and watched Independence Day Resurgence and immediately had a few things to say. With big budget Hollywood blockbusters like this, it’s usually …


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  1. Rae Rimmel says:

    More more more!! Make a video about the missing giant trees!

  2. teresa b says:


  3. Rob Reiner tonight on CNN was shapeshifting so much the cameras had to pull away.He is a part of the nephilim network, The nephilim are the "aliens"…and they are back… imo.

  4. UGH no wonder why I've always related to phoebe so much!!! she's always been the only one with a brain in that show anyhow she's the one who ends up looking like dumb or at least that's what they are trying to make us believe, hollywood is always so funny when it comes to ridiculing the smart people/facts because that's how they brainwash the average population as if they were making fun of something that they already know is real and true, if I ever spoke to people about flat earth and my perspective of life they would laugh at me and call me insane. I have tried, just as phoebe I've done it sarcastically but people always in general just look at me like ''you need to go back to school''. I am doing so much better self-teaching myself about things that matter and are logical to me, I think is the only way we can re-program ourselves, we don't need any educational system, we know things for ourselves, as we experience life we get to understand things, that's why being a human it's so amazing, we have this incredible mind that is capable of many things that we yet can't fully comprehend, we own a consciousness, a self, we are all we will ever have, our existence matter and is beautiful, yet we are told the opposite, we are told to obey and to feel as tiny, insignificant. Thank you for taking your time and for sharing your points of views, you have helped me expand my horizons a little more wider. Stay unique!

  5. kitty kat says:

    Trumps economics and tax plan is beautiful …. Clintons screams cancer only a moron would vote clinton …. anythings better then clinton

    Dont be an idiot and vote clinton …..I work with economics …. and I can promise you we are better off with Trump over Clinton 1% growth means 8 years we will go under due to Clintons policies Trumps a none lobbyist with a great tax plan No can predict his trade Deals NOONE! but a none lobbyist can work the field for the best money he will most certainly Bring jobs back … ( millions ) which brings money into the country making a growth over 1 % in 8 years that leaves OBAMAS/HILARY POLICIES will be left in the dark…
    i was for Bernie now Trump …. Clinton supporters are fucking dumb
    Google Clintons mentor .. kkk leader
    google Clinton’s economics .. anti black
    google democratic party’s creations and endorses …. kkk
    google 3 strike rule and failure of black culture = Clinton’s

  6. I loved this video! And the ending, wow! I was shocked how far they went with that programming of globe earth and evolution youd think that was made today!

  7. What do you think of third term obama?

  8. Greg Price says:

    You nailed it dude ! We are screwed !

  9. at 8:00 when they are showing the "astronauts" in their "anti gravity"….. can someone please explain to my apparently dummass simple mind WHY THE F there is an air vent at the top of the screen BLOWING a piece of paper???

  10. at 8:00 when they are showing the "astronauts" in their "anti gravity"….. can someone please explain to my apparently dummass simple mind WHY THE F there is an air vent at the top of the screen BLOWING a piece of paper???

  11. Lee Curt says:

    Jesus Christ said:
    Yet a little while, and the world
    seen me no more; but ye see me:
    because I live, ye shall live also.
    John 14.19
    In all the stages that Hollywood
    sets; there will always be those
    who will pay to betray Christ.
    The Kingdom of God is within
    It's not a religious thing, but a
    Spiritual thing, and the Glory which
    he has received of our Father in
    Heaven; shall be given to those
    who believe in The Son of God.

  12. Same with the CBS show Madam Secretary.

  13. The Flat Earth psyop IS controlled opposition within the truth community via the CIA.

  14. Tony Amaro says:

    Apollo 11 was highly equiped with enough to get through the Van Allen belts. The comments in this video of not getting thru the belts are made referring to other space crafts unlike and different from the Apollo 11 shuttle mission to the moon….

  15. Tony Amaro says:

    I just came up with a new name for all flat earthers after watching this video. From here on forward I will refer to all you crazy flat-earthers as the Phoebes….

  16. deeda fields says:

    Luv your videos. Critical thinking at its best. whats up with Hillary by the way, such exaggerated body movements, like a robot gone bad. Never saw the kimmel clip but many others .

  17. Tronald Dump says:

    Good vid. The "wise bus driver" essentially making fun of Nasa doubters is using Yiddish ("putz") to reinforce that he's a Jew. It's a nod to the Jew World Order.

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