Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children


Gavin Haynes has come from England to America to investigate the secret world of Indigo Children, a select group of people who believe they were born with …


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  1. As a skeptic, i find all these things very interesting. But I still have trouble believing that they're true.

  2. these peoples parents are narcissistic

  3. zach rice says:

    notice how all these crazy kids were birthed and brought up by equally insane parents

  4. I could see aura colors as a kid, in my mind they were just their "color" lol I'd re-learned this. I don't think we are ever as keen as we are as kids, but we can expand our psychic-ness and re-learn old tricks

  5. Watch the film "Hungry Hearts", and you'll see how ridiculous these people can be…

  6. Emma Riley says:

    No offense but why are white moms so afraid of medication

  7. Jetson Fuzzz says:

    how the fuck can you compare those sounds to looking at Donald Duck?????

  8. ShelbyJak says:

    My people when it was at the hiphop. It's nice to finally see and know that there are more like me

  9. Brian McCann says:

    9:43 Nobody tell pearl they got Rose Quartz

  10. i found it very sarcastic. there are sure some indigos and adhd's. all we have to do is to find a clearer separation between them
    or even better to accept everyone as they are without labeling them anything

  11. some of these kids are NOT INDIGO children they are CRYSTAL or RAINBOW children…
    INDIGO'S are only born between the years 1960-1980 and their children who are born between the years 1980-2000 are the CRYSTAL'S and then their children who are born after the 2000's are RAINBOW'S and each of these people have special gifts to help this EARTH and its people…I am an INDIGO and my daughter is a CRYSTAL my daughter has a 6th sense and she can feel who is good and who is evil…she is now 17 and she still has this gift and many others…my gift is that when i dream or have a nightmare within days that dream/nightmare comes true certain things like time and color of things might change but the outcome is always the same… with this gift it helped me save my sisters life as she avoided a major car accident by not going to school her usual way..

  12. Kid Kuza says:

    Just cuz people say they are indigo doesnt mean they are. You can never just assume people say who they are. If you wanna go more in depth on whats real, i suggest going more in depth on 47 and Pro Era. Capital Steez was a man of the people. Read his lyrics and find yourself. This world is more corrupt than you would think my friends. Stay strong, live long. #R.I.P. Capital Steez

  13. Liv Tackett says:

    I was asleep and had a dream were my friend caliee and I were looking over a banister at someone who was having a seizure. I woke up to find that Caliee was actually having a seizure. A few days later I had a dream that someone brought me raisen brand in bed for breakfast, when I woke up I had rasien brand waiting for me. The fact this happened within a few days freaked me out but i'm not over here saying I'm an indigo child. PSh bull shittttt.
    I don't know why I saw the future happening but if any of you had an experience like mine comment and tell me cause I think it's cool :D

  14. X Files says:

    Spirituality abhors a vacuum. Ironic indigo. Shun the old spiritual teachings, only to create one for yourself. It will be better this time. That's what they all said. In the year 2150 the first Indigo crusades begin……….just having fun, but seriously. This new is so old.

    sincerely, Roy G. Biv

  15. Arc0w says:

    Hate those parents who will not take the advise of teachers, if their children having problems and instead trying some strange alternative stuff.
    Sugared ice tea reverse effect, yeah cause biology is this kind of made up science, what do they know.

  16. I was once told that I was an Indigo. Didn't really fully understand it until watching this documentary. My mum says I have a psychic ability, but I don't know…

  17. He passively made a mockery of the entire phenomena ???. Articulate asshole ?

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