Insurgency: World War II ► Day of Infamy (ft. Bluedrake42)


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  1. Mike Lit says:

    Lol you gotta download the whole mod to get rid of the red exs

  2. Slim you need to make a gaming channel

  3. Jon .Snow says:

    sweet intro and awesome game. is there VR headset compatibility?

  4. Jon .Snow says:

    Kind of unoriginal how it focuses on Americans vs Nazis though, America joined during the end stage of the war. Would love to see Commonwealth (UK, Canada, Aus, NZ, SA etc) or USSR against Nazis for a change considering those were the most influential sides in the War, particularly the USSR

  5. love the intro man that was awesome

  6. someone please tell me how to get into a server!!!

  7. how do I download this mod???

  8. Draven Cage says:

    I knew all my days of playing red orchestra would translate into another game.

  9. Adam Brown says:

    being suppressed by that mg must be fucking intense.

  10. Hm very nice video. The animations are solid, but what were those x's? Btw, csn I add you on steam?

  11. BrookeGamer says:

    +1 Subs man.
    I Love this game and I love this mod, thanks for showing it.

  12. This is great, I like world war 2 games. Have you tried the game heroes and generals? Another great world war 2 game i believe you would like it.

  13. Add me we can play Mikesnipe1617

  14. Bluedrake42 says:

    FIRS… wait DAMMIT. Alabaster I thought we had a deal that I get to post first on all your videos while they're unlisted >.> traitor


  15. Blaggy Cat says:

    That map is so open.. I find it hard to play! Very fun though! We should play sometime!

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