Iran war could end life on earth

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A former American official has warned that the United States wants to blame Israel for Washington’s possible war on Iran that could end life on earth.

US warnings to Israel for not attacking Iran is to avoid responsibility for the war Washington has prepared, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts wrote in an article on Global Research.

“If the war gets out of hand, and if Russia and China intervene or nukes start flying, Washington wants the blame to rest on Israel, and Israel seems willing to accept the blame,” Craig Roberts said.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal said the US has privately sought assurances from Israeli leaders that they will not take military action against Iran. But the Israeli response has been noncommittal.

The US analyst also used a few examples to show that the White House has prepared for an all-out war against Iran.

“If Washington did not want war with Iran it would not have provided the necessary weapons to Israel. It would not have deployed thousands of US troops to Israel,” he argued.

“Washington would not have built a missile defense system for Israel and would not be conducting joint exercises with the Israeli military to make sure it works,” Craig Roberts added.

He said, “Washington won’t prevent the war that it so fervently desires. Neither will Washington’s NATO puppets.”

“‘Great’ Britain does as it is told, subservient and occupied Germany, bankrupt France, Italy occupied with US air bases with a government infiltrated by the CIA, bankrupt Spain and Greece will all, in hopes of an outpouring of US dollars and devoid of any dignity or honor, support the new war that could end life on earth,” Craig Roberts added.

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7 Responses

  1. if US troops invade iran then the eastern power including russia and china will also be part of the battle.

  2. Habib says:

    The Iranian nation is united as a nation unlike Afghanis and Iraqis. America used one ethnic group against another ethnic group in Afghanistan and Iraq. The people of Vietnam were also united as a nation. America had a humiliating defeat in Vietnam because of their national unity. Iran is like Vietnam. If Americans attack it, they shall have to be prepared for heavy financial and lives losses.

  3. GJS says:

    Unfortunately the way we have all been deceived & lied to I would put nothing past the powers that be now, they have taken politics & indeed peoples faith in the system to a new all time LOW, a low that has the very real potential to destroy everything. Whilever people simply scoff & joke that mankind could never destroy itself I’m afraid things are unlikely to change until it actually happens. We are told only of virtually obsulete military systems developed so it would not take much imagination for even an average Joe to ponder what they now have at their disposal.
    Whether we like it or not we (the voters) are responsible for all this mess by giving this ridiculous lifelong committment to one of the major two parties no matter what they do, it is insane, many people think of politics like a football team, I wonder sometimes what these corrupt bastards would have to do to these minnions to deter them from voting for them, insanity at it’s best !
    Please don’t kid yourself they are both as bad as eachother, they are ALL virtually bought & paid for by the so called pillars of society, what a joke, if wars were put to a vote there would not be many at all but alas we have allowed ourselves to be lead into a war of enormous scope that could well get out of all control & indeed be mankinds last hooray, what a legacy.

  4. shay says:

    I don’t know about this. I think this is more international in scope…those that are pushing for war, that is. Although, the U.S. would be used because of its technology, military industrial complex, etc. From what I can tell from my readings over these last few years, is that the culprits have control via a three pronged point: D.C., London, and Tel Aviv. I don’t know who the ultimate “boss” is, that is ultimately calling the shots, but I suspect they are a small group of people operating behind the curtain, with their many ‘minions’ doing their bidding, most for nice paychecks and benefits. The majority of Americans do not want war. But, it will only take a small false flag to get most the Americans, as well as Euros and Israelis behind another major war campaign.

    Paul C Roberts is just one of many who writes articles on these matters; he just happens to be in the “blame it all on Americans” camp. Then there are those pinning it all on Israel. Those pinning it all on Zionism. I suspect its a mixture of these.

    It does no good to try pinning it on one or another. It’s the entire “elites” of Western nations backing this hoopla. I like PCR for the most part but sometimes he just looks at things in black and white. It is easy to write with a few potent examples thrown in which confirms the point the author is trying to make. Anyone can do that.

    But actually that can end up hurting more than anything. Because most people are not researching this and reading it 24/7 like some people are and all these varying theories of “who the bad guy is” just ends up confusing people…which is most likely the intended result. Keep the masses confused or divided only helps those doing these terrible things.

  5. do you believe any of this foolish comedy and contradictions? Israel is the ultimate warhead of the US in middle east which apparently only the arabian neighbours do understand and Iran the only one willing to do a counterforce. Next leg is Saudi Arabia. So whatever press release or counter press release appearing the game is with the top bankers and always have been and not will yelling nor disclosing military officials. These are not even capable to understand how misrearbly they have been corrupted, specially in the USA. There will be no mayor war in the middle east, gas and oil is more valuable than military spending. Or let the US army do another blitz Krieg like they pretended in Irak on the base of false accusations of Bush, Blair, Aznar and Co.. With all their tech power and human resources they couldnt even handle a desert spot during 10 years but Israel Mossad and military is much more dangerous and much more guerilla fighter than the boys from the land of self-glory. Anyhow humanity is far tu stupid and ignorant to end this capital and military games once for all but will not destroy 40% of the fountain of resources unless changing finally to hydro power, hanging all powerful capitalists and banning non ethical behaviours and systems.

  6. dann rivera says:

    The US/NATO/ISRAEL are working hand in hand in bringing the world to World War IV. Iran is being used to ignite this Global War, the war for Global Domination. The players in this war are: US/NATO and allies vs RUSSIA/CHINA and friends. Winner takes all – the NEW WORLD ORDER – ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD ECONOMY & ONE WORLD RELIGION.

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