Iran World War 3 Coming SOON!!- VIRAL!!!


APA is the only Political Party in the World to fight the “New World Order” and the Elite Globalist we have great knowledge that their agenda is to create a …


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  1. someguy25 says:

    battleship 2012

  2. 3replybiz says:

    Disband Israel before it is too late. Palestine must be SHARED.

  3. hahahahadont be ingry

  4. More fear mongering,

  5. Cool when is this film being released?

  6. cozoner says:

    This is just common sense

  7. cuntface688 says:

    hell yea id like to join this party how do i sign up for membership

  8. The us is the enemy take them out with nukes..

  9. davesion01 says:

    Wake up ppl Israel is u.s.a's biggest ally who is the one who bombed the World Trade Center alquiada not Israel, Jesus was Jewish if you believe this you must be Islam. Another note: Moses, jesus, god, were all jewish

  10. davesion01 says:


  11. davesion01 says:

    Both of you shut up muslism, jews, and christans aren't terrorists alquaida and hamas are

  12. You bitch! Nukes are horrible! And us American's will kick yo ass.

  13. Jr Casillas says:

    Lol it's Battleship

  14. nope, jews only. google your TV channels, google your central bank, goole the advisers of your government and google the pay of your country to Israel.

  15. KVPD says:

    Why are you using footage from BATTLESHIP to talk about a possible war?

  16. Pax Humana says:

    The middle and fringe are the center of that bird as well, AussiePatriotsParty.  Also, if you make up something about the Jews/Zionists being behind everything, then I will consider you as yet another group of the New World Order and that you would also be considered as disinformation/double agents and shills for them, too.  I prefer judging people by their actions and deeds and, to a lesser extent, their words and political and/or religious beliefs, codes, credos, values, scruples, and the like, as opposed to their gender or the color of their skin.

    MrEgyptian84, you are the real terrorist and you are a member of the New World Order and you are a member of the Antichrist.  Need I remind you what the nation of Israel, sinful as it has also become in some things over its history to this day, has done in 1948, 1956, 1967, and from essentially the 1970s to this day?  You and your bigoted ilk came at them and you left with your tails tucked in between your legs because of a few simple things, namely that YAHWEH ELOHIM will FOREVER protect the nation of Israel in ANY form, that your false god Allah is a servant and/or demonic general in the army of Lucifer, and that all that oppose YAHWEH ELOHIM will fall, period.  Argue otherwise and you will be treated the same way that General Bernard Montgomery treated the lot of you when you had aligned yourselves with the Axis Powers in World War II.

  17. SanchiPlays says:

    Turn terrorists supporting country Iran into Glass and our problems will be gone for good.

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