Is An Ancient City Hidden Under Antarctica?


Could Antarctica have actually been home to an ancient civilization? Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Conspiracies! – A massive thank you …


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  1. Nick Guerra says:

    Why dubstep in the background annoying af

  2. mbm13213 says:

    Nothing there

  3. Silver Noob says:

    There is. I used to go there all the time but then they changed chefs and…..ugh….

  4. It's obvious that humans are not the only extremally intelligent life form in the Cosmic Web… Even if our predacessors began 3million years ago, this doesn't mean that another life form just like humans lived on Earth before us.

  5. JxD ill3st says:

    we could do without the background dubstep

  6. jz35 says:

    how advanced was this supposed civilization though because most of the descendants mention where brutal human sacrificing monsters. it takes more then pretty buildings to be advanced , where still struggling with it now , what with all the beheadings n bombings n shit like that

  7. They have known about the city and civilization since the mid 1940's. They are currently angry with the surface people (us) because we are destroying the planet and moving closer to nuclear apocalypse. John Kerry was recently sent to speak with their leadership. They are going to kill everyone on the surface to ensure their survival. Now that more countries have nukes, especially North Korea, China, Iran and talk with Russia and the USA on beefing up their nukes it's getting more and more out of control. They have to destroy humanity on the surface in order to secure their survival. Won't be long. The people in charge (the powerful) have huge cities underground. They actually want a restart on the human race. If you look at America's youth (the millennials) it doesn't take long to figure out America has no further. The current state of American youth is Total stupidity never seen at this level before. Never has there been a generation so lazy, uneducated, clueless…..I could go on forever. Out of our current generation 75% can't qualify for military service because they can't pass the test or make it through training. This is pathetic and all our enemies know this. The power's that be want a restart. The surface will be destroyed and a knew America will emerge. Living underground will be for the selected rich, powerful and trained personnel that fit their needs. They will also be test tube, modified, superior humanoids that will help make up the new world. The people in charge of America understand we have no future. I have never seen a generation so lost, clueless and just plain stupid. The parents are greatly responsible. Just think how stupid the children of the millennials would be? Then think ahead to their children. We are going backwards and a restart is the only hope if America has a future.

  8. Mayank Verma says:

    Antarctica definitely had an ancient civilization and Humans existed long before 6 million years. Humans have been around for atleast 18 million years and they built pyramids on Antarctican soil long before it froze over.

  9. P. T says:


  10. They found dinosaur fossils so anything's possible but finding it @ this point is impossible!

  11. What the hell is going every Antarctica video I'm seeing tonight has brutal music, why I'm I being tortured

  12. Tom Watson says:

    If the video didn't have the Misfitting music that does not go with the subject matter at all, it may be bearable to get through without wanting to kill the tit who chose such inappropriate music at absurd volume levels!,

  13. it is a great book! this earth was created 4 billion years ago . watch the vidio there are no forests on flat earth and listen to the theory of mining over 250 million years ago. earth is made of other exploded planets. Mabel these plants were much larger than our earth. just saying. life on anartica was real an is being shut out by your u.s. government. they are looking for achient technology left behind. keep digging the answers are everywhere. Ernest incanada

  14. TB TB says:

    Graham Hancock has recently suggest an asteroid was what chased these natural disasters not the plates sifting.

  15. Nostophod says:

    My theory is that thousands of years ago before the great flood, that Atlantis and the City in antartica were advance like us now but more advance but either a huge war or natural disaster destroyed the cities but the Atlanteans and Antarteans found alien life and the aliens helped them dig down to the ancient civilization of Agartha in Hollow earth. And thousands of years later they managed to create a New World Order with the government. I also believed the Aliens or the Atlanteans had the Crystal Skulls, and the Ark of the Covenant.

  16. dirgekv2 says:

    Ugh, the music on this video killed it for me.

  17. Music ruined the video

  18. Shahwar Khan says:

    Muslims discovered it before it was again rediscovered

  19. Shahwar Khan says:

    let me tell you something. We rediscovered everything even electricity

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