Is The California Drought Caused By Global Warming Or Fukushima Fallout?

Yoichi Shimatsu

Over the past three years since the massive escape of radioactive isotopes from Fukushima that started in March 2011, freakish weather events have hammered the Northern Hemisphere, from the California drought to an Arctic vortex freeze in the central United States, from a radical melt-off of the Arctic ice cover to serial typhoons slamming the Philippines. Wintertime tornadoes in the American Midwest and South, which never happened prior to the 311 meltdowns, are intensifying in power and frequency.

These weather anomalies point to a common catastrophic origin, which can be none other than the massive amount of radioactive particles released from the Fukushima reactor meltdowns in March 2011 and thereafter.. Tons of high-energy nuclear material carried by the jet stream and oceanic currents are unsettling normal weather patterns to leave a trail of destruction across North America and inside the Arctic Circle.

Instead of launching urgently needed research into the impact of radioactive isotopes on global weather systems, the scientific establishment in the US and at the international level is trying to pin the blame on global warming. A gradual temperature rise due to greenhouse gases cannot by any stretch of the imagination match the scale of these post-311 weather events. The avoidance of any mention, much less research, into radiation effects on weather, is leaving North American communities unprepared and defenseless against the lethal onslaught, which has probably already doomed many marine and coastal species while contaminating the food supply for the human population.

Is The California Drought Caused By Global Warming Or Fukushima Fallout

1. This Weather Channel image, shown at, reveals two radial lines emanating from Fort Richardson,
Alaska, one parallel parallel to the West Coast and another dividing two incoming storm fronts. The mass of
clouds on the lower left were generated over the Japan Sea and passed by the radiation-releasing Fukushima nuclear plant.
The straight radial lines indicate electromagnetic manipulation of the radioactivity-charged atmosphere.

Large-scale releases of high-energy isotopes are far more powerful than the nuclear industry and its science apologists have dared admit. The current attempt to shift the attention away from Fukushima radiation is nothing short of scientific fraud in collaboration with a nuclear industry that has corrupted academia, grant-making institutions and political leaders.

Dancing for Peanuts

A number of dubious climatology papers were released prematurely in March-April despite the inconsistencies in findings and conclusions that contradict their own data. The rush to publish appears to have come in sycophantic homage to the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). That pro-nuclear committee of questionable meteorologists and political hacks is an offshoot of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol that was founded with major funding from the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), operator of the since melted-down Fukushima No.1 power plant. Too many scientists are willing to perform like trained monkeys to curry favor from the industry that feeds them peanuts.

In this essay, followed by a second to come next week, there is space enough to critique only two papers from the early-spring 2012 bumper crop of dubious climatology:

A just-announced study based on computer-imaging that asserts that global warming and the pre-start of El Nino blocked the normal winter storms along the West Coast of North America, thereby causing the California drought.

2. The second critical analysis examines the melt-off of the Arctic ice sheet and critiques a NASA-MIT report that claims this historic events was caused by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and the cold winter of 2010-2011. The radiation-triggered Arctic calamity will be discussed in an essay to be released next week.

2. A color-enhanced analysis of a NOAA satellite, used in the NCAR-Utah study, is a lame attempt to explain away the standing ridge over the eastern Pacific.
The warm high-pressure zone off the West Coast is not a budding El Nino as suggested by the
report authors but, in fact, is a cool-air created by the cold California current. The relatively warm
temperatures are caused by a vast zone of radioactivity-heated air stretching from West
Coast across Canada and into Greenland and the Arctic.

Weather or Not

The study titled “Probable causes of the abnormal ridge accompanying the 2013-14 California drought” by a research team from Utah State University based their conclusions on imagining with a computer modeling program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. Upon the announcement of acceptance by the journal Geophysical Research Letters, the shaky conclusions were hailed by climatologists who assert that greenhouse gas emissions are the sole driving factor behind climate change.

The subtitle, however, gives away the game, showing an unethical willingness to conjure up an as-yet nonexistent factor along with a predisposed bias in favor of global-warming theory : “ENSO (El Nino-Southern Oscillation) precursor and anthropogenic warming footprint.”

Although that be a mouthful of marbles, let me summarize their argument into simple language.

– The jet stream, moving eastward across the North Pacific, usually dips southward in January over the American West Coast, bringing the clouds that provide most of the annual snow and rainfall for California.

– A warmer-than-usual high-pressure zone over the West Coast, at the same time, was building strength due to rising offshore temperatures caused by a semi-tropical hot spot, which is expected to develop into another El Nino this summer.

– This strong high-pressure zone (over the coast and the continental shelf) blocked the moisture-bearing low-pressure front bearing down across the Pacific. As a result of the high-pressure blockage, the jet stream was diverted off its usual course and moved northeast into Canada. There by the Arctic Circle, the jet stream dipped down behind the western front. This detour caused the Polar Vortex, which brought an extreme cold spell and massive snowfall to the Midwest and Eastern states.

– The conclusion by the four researchers, led by Simon Wang, is that an arising El Nino, reinforced by human-generated global warming, created a stationary wall of high pressure that blocked the low-pressure front, and its much-needed rainfall, from coming to California.

Fire and Ice

The computer-generated hypothesis is blown apart by facts.

First, an approaching El Nino has not yet shown up in temperature measurements off the coast of Central America or Mexico. That claim, therefore, is presumptuous and verges on fiction.

Second, a footprint of anthropogenic warming over the West Coast, powerful enough to block incoming storms for months, is a dicey assumption, especially over a region that has made more effort at reducing carbon dioxide and greenhouse-gas emissions than anywhere else in the United States. Not too many smokestacks can be seen on the California horizon and fuel efficiency is at an all-time high, so what could be producing the huge increase in emissions?

The hypothetical scenario, bent no doubt with lots of tweaking, out of a computer model in Boulder is disconnected from meteorological reality. The Northern jet stream is radically amplified by the wintertime Siberian high-pressure zone which thrusts out over the Sea of Okhotsk and into the North Pacific, picking up moisture before bearing down over the Pacific Northwest coast. Cold, dense and water-laden, the incoming front will simply blast through an over-inflated region of warmth with titanic force. When one tosses a watermelon at a spiderweb, what happens? The barrier collapses with a splat. The winter of 2013-14 should have been a season of record rainfall.

Electronic Brick Wall

An alternative possibility suggested by Jeff Rense, based on satellite images, is far more convincing and, in fact, was the only explanation in the early months of the drought. If anything, the NCAR-Utah paper appears to be a hurried response by climate-change theorists caught with their pants down.

Manipulation of weather patterns is not science fiction or a stretch of the imagination, at least not since the 2003 MEIDEX (Mediterranean Israeli dust experiment) project conducted by the doomed crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia and a British flotilla headed by the carrier Royal Ark. In the waters south of Cyprus, Royal Navy planes sprayed the skies with metallic-salt particles, which were then excited by transmissions from radio arrays at the British electronic-warfare center at their Akrotiri military base, near the Cypriot capital Limassol. Overhead, the Columbia fired four shots with its on-board laser gun, causing waterspouts to rise vertically along a straight horizontal line parallel to the British war vessels. The result was a storm front that smashed into Limassol and then created a snowstorm over Israel, Lebanon and Iraq in January. American troops invading Iraq thereby enjoy cool temperatures well into June.

3. A light dusting of chemtrails over the San Francisco Bay are seen in this
photo taken in mid-March, on the warmest and clearest week in early spring in the city’s history.
Chemtrails are one of the components of weather-manipulation technique.

A similar combination of barometric-affecting technologies, done with greater finesse, is the more probable cause of the “standing wave” that kept radioactive clouds from hitting the West Coast this past winter. The highly reactive protons of isotopes and supercharged water particles are readily aligned by electronic transmissions.

The array of technologies for weather manipulation have quite advanced since project MEIDEX. These include the Boeing series of airborne laser planes, include the 1-megawatt YAL series aboard Boeing 747s and the 150-kw tactical lasers installed last year aboard USAF bombers. The USAF-Boeing X-37 was (and still is) in an orbital pattern that routinely crosses the offshore high-pressure front.

It so happened that the standing wave was precisely aligned along the axis with the HAARP antennae arrays at Fort Richardson, northeast of Anchorage, Alaska. The resulting Pacific front was not curved as in nature but remained straight and angular at its corners, indicating artificial manipulation.

To bolster the electronic-reinforced air wall, “second line” of high pressure was established along the Pacific coast, as seen by numerous eyewitnesses in San Francisco (see photo) and other seaside locations.

Water Shortage Aimed at Depopulation

Why would the science establishment be so rushed as to stumble on their shoelaces to rebut the radio discussions between Mr. Rense and this writer on the cause of the California drought? The NCAR-Utah article triggered media coverage and a huge blog outpouring by the global-warming club that, by any logic, a massive overreaction.

A winter storm, carrying nuclear isotopes from Fukushima and lifting radioactive moisture from the North Pacific current would have caused a massive panic across America’s per-capita richest states and probably would have prompted a general evacuation. The speedy spread of radiation from Fukushima to regions of the world, in fact, the very presence of radioactivity from Japan along the West Coast, is damaging to the untouchable Department of Energy, the willing sponsor rather than responsible regulator of the U.S. nuclear industry. Even a partial or temporary evacuation would finally wake up Americans to the clear and present danger posed by nuclear power stations across the country.

From the standpoint of the federal bureaucracy, the depopulation of California, Oregon and Washington State due to a drought is a lesser of evils. And so the feds and their paid scientists did the necessary evil, depriving the Pacific Coast of its freshwater supply. Leaving nothing to chance, the science bureaucracy must have commissioned fraudulent research studies to blame the drought on global warming.

In the ruthless drive to keep up profit margins for the utility companies, the genetic integrity of America’s children and the yet to be born is being sacrificed on the pagan altars of corporate power. The high priests of nuclear physics and climatology are no better than Aztec witch doctors with their blood-stained blades, murdering the innocents to protect their tribal positions and foster their own delusions. How far from the high ideals and social ethics of genuine science they have fallen.

Unloosing a Woolly Mammoth

Unethical science, whatever its political intent, sometimes “lets the cat out of the bag”. A computer image from NCAR-Utah inadvertently released a woolly mammoth from its sack. Their super-heated high-pressure zone stretches from Southern California up to the Pacific Northwest and then across Canada, all the way into Greenland and the Arctic.

This vast swath of North America is the exact areas of highest concentration of airborne radioactive particles from the Fukushima meltdowns. The correlation indicates that the high pressure is being generated by the tons of high-energy nuclear isotopes widespread in the soil, water bodies, vegetation and built structures across western and northern regions of the continent. Fukushima fallout, and not a fantasy El Nino or phantom of global warming, is causing the California drought.

In an upcoming article, barometric pressure related to the Arctic air and sea currents, amplified by radioactive contamination, will be discussed as the major driving force for the recent freak weather, as opposed to the tropical high theory advocated by the pro-nuclear global-warming club.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor with The Japan Times group, is a Hong Kong-based science writer.


Announcement of “Probable causes of the abnormal ridge accompanying the 2013-14 California drought: ENSO precursor and anthropogenic warming footprint”, S.-Y. Simon Wang, Lawrence Hipps, Robert R Gillies and Jin-Ho Yoon, February 2014, Geophysical Research Letters

Online Library has a PDF download of the paper, for a charge


“The 2013-14 California drought was accompanied by an anomalous high-amplitude ridge system. The anomalous ridge was investigated using reanalysis data and the Community Earth System Model (CESM). It was found that the ridge emerged from continual sources of Rossby wave energy in the western North Pacific starting in late summer, and subsequently intensified into winter. The ridge generated a surge of wave energy downwind and deepened further the trough over the northeast U.S., forming a dipole. The dipole and associated circulation pattern is not linked directly with either ENSO or Pacific Decadal Oscillation; instead it is correlated with a type of ENSO precursor. The connection between the dipole and ENSO precursor has become stronger since the 1970s, and this is attributed to increased GHG loading as simulated by the CESM. Therefore, there is a traceable anthropogenic warming footprint in the enormous intensity of the anomalous ridge during winter 2013-14, the associated drought and its intensity.”

Summaries of the paper can be found at:

“Global Warming Had Key Role in California Drought, Eastern Cold: Study”, Andrew Freedman, Mashable, 18 April 2014

“California drought/polar vortex jet stream pattern linked to global warming”, Jeff Masters, one of the co-founders of the Weather Underground, 16 Apri2014l

Satellite images of the offshore ridge are available with article “How the Pacific storms of 2013-14 were trashed”, Jeff Rense, 18 February 2014

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