Israel Camouflages Jerusalem


Déjà vu

A few days ago, in New Road Annexes East Jerusalem to Israel, I described how the combination of two short stretches of road being built in Jerusalem would soon effectively accomplish the annexation of eastern Jerusalem by Israel. Then, since I was sure no further developments on the issue would take place in the following months, I turned my attention to other topics.

I proved myself naïve. Today, December 6, 2011, the Hebrew media published that Israel is taking further steps in this illegitimate annexation process. Now, a military barrier is about to be disguised as a … park.

All you ever wanted to know about camouflage…

Camouflage is a method of concealment that allows an object to remain unnoticed, by blending with its environment. Military camouflage is one of many means of deceiving an enemy. In practice, it is the application of color and materials to battledress and military equipment to conceal them from visual observation. Military bases and strongholds are invariably disguised in a variety of methods and to different degrees, depending on their location and intended task.

On this last category, the best strategy is camouflaging the camouflaging attempt itself, making sure the structure openly fulfils an innocent role. Today, Israel had just provided a superb example of this, by attempting to camouflage Mount Scopus in Jerusalem.

Mount Scopus – Har HaTzofim

Jerusalem is built atop a mountainous area. The main peak on its northeast is Mount Scopus, Har Hatzofim in Hebrew. Overlooking central Jerusalem, Mount Scopus has been strategically important as a base from which to attack the city since antiquity. A Roman Legion camped there in 66 AD. In 70 AD Mount Scopus was used as a base from where to carry out the Roman siege on the city. The name, which means “Mount of the Watchers,” refers to its role as an intelligence gathering base for the Romans, or to the fact that after Jerusalem was destroyed by them, Jews were not allowed into the city. The closest point they could watch at the city from was this peak. Both versions, recognize its importance as a surveillance spot.

Its military importance transcended Roman times. The Crusaders had a base there. During the British Mandate on Palestine its importance suddenly increased because it was also on the border between Palestinian and Jewish areas. After the ceasefire agreement of November 30, 1948, the division of East and West Jerusalem was established. Israel controlled the western part; Jordan controlled the east. However, reality was more complex. Several demilitarized “no man’s land” zones were established along the border, and Mount Scopus was one of them. There, Israel had the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Hadassah Hospital. One of the most unexpected landmarks of this area is the Jerusalem British War Cemetery (see picture above), where 3000 fallen soldiers of the British Empire in the first World War in Israel are buried.

Planned Park | Mount Scopus, Eastern JerusalemPlanned Park | Mount Scopus, Eastern Jerusalem

During the Six Days War in 1967, Israel took control of the entire area. Despite not being the legal owner of the land, the State of Israel had sanctioned projects there. Two are prominent in this category. The Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center, owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a stunning landmark which provides a panoramic view of Jerusalem. Apparently, it had also bought a very suspicious American silence on Israel’s illegitimate activities here. The second project is Kiryat Menachem Begin, also known as Kiryat HaMemshala (“The Government’s Town” in Hebrew). This is a complex of government buildings in East Jerusalem located between the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in the north, Mount Scopus in the east, and Ammunition Hill in the west. The Science and Technology Minister of Israel is the most innocent institution there. Israel placed there also the Ministry of Public Security, the Housing and Construction Minister of Israel and the National Headquarters of the Israel Police. The last three are pivotal in the administration of the surrounding lands and in the ruthless annexation process. Now, the ministers can literally follow the implementation of their rude policies just by aiming a binocular through their wide windows.

However, that’s not all. Today, The Jerusalem Planning and Building Committee will consider a plan for a new national park in the Mount Scopus area, see map above for details. The new national park would be built on 734 dunams, which Palestinians say is mostly private land. Palestinians fear that building the national park will require confiscating and tearing down several of their buildings in that area.

But, it’s an eco-green project!

“That’s it, this time we got him!” would Mossad director probably think if reading this article. “He is automatically against us. This is a green project, it is ecological. It replaces thorns and stones with green meadows and leafy trees; birds will thing, flowers will blossom. This is good for the people. Why is he complaining again?”

That’s when the camouflage issue arises. This green blanket is nothing but a camouflaged artificial barrier. The residents of the adjacent Issawiya and A-Tur Palestinian neighborhoods say the park aims to prevent these communities from expanding. In the future, the park could be transformed overnight in a Jewish residential area, transforming the much older Palestinian areas into isolated islands. This park would also put harsh limitations on the activities of Bimkom (“In place of…” in Hebrew), a group of architects that addresses human rights issues and has been advancing plans to renovate and expand Issawiya. They would be able to renovate, but not expand this overcrowded area.

Jerusalem’s city council member, Meretz’s Meir Margalit (a “kosher” Jew), publicly said on this issue: “This national park is a farce. There’s nothing there but rocks and thorns, certainly nothing to justify a national park. The only reason for such a plan is to seize lands and hold them as a reserve for a future settlement, while suffocating the Palestinian neighborhoods.” Probably, one of the few things Jews and Palestinians agree at this stage is on the purpose of this evil project. Israel is camouflaging Jerusalem.

“The entire world is against us!” said Netanyahu at this stage. “Bring me another execution order, I’ll sign it now!”

Dear Netanyahu, the entire world is not against you. Simply, people have the right of self defense, and you are insatiable attackers, voracious confiscators, and ravenous violators. There is a good paper trail proving that.

Joshua 6:21 “And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword.

Somehow, you and your people are stuck at this very early stage of God’s message. The Bible goes on beyond Joshua’s massacres instructing to display love towards others. Can we expect you to understand that and stop your violence? How many additional thousands of years would that take?


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