Israeli war on Gaza enters sixth day

The besieged Gaza Strip is being hit by Israeli airstrikes for the sixth consecutive day, with rising civilian casualties among the Palestinians due to the Israeli attacks.

Over a dozen Palestinians were killed in the latest airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Monday, raising the death toll from the Israeli aggression since Wednesday to at least 92.

The Israeli military says it has attacked the Gaza Strip 1,350 times since Wednesday.

The city of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip has been targeted in the recent Israeli airstrikes.

Israeli drones have bombarded the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as a stadium in Gaza.

Two people were killed and several others injured in Israeli airstrikes on Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. A Palestinian girl is reported to be in critical condition.

Reports indicate that fresh Israeli airstrikes have targeted eastern Gaza.

Two women and a child were killed in the air raids on Gaza City on Monday.

Three members of a family were also killed in an Israeli strike on Dair al-Balah.

Meanwhile, three rockets fired by resistance fighters in Gaza hit the Israeli regional council of Eshkol and five others hit Ashkelon.

Also on Monday, Izzeddin Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, attacked Israel’s Re’em military camp with missiles.

An explosion was also heard in the Israeli town of Eilat, situated at the northern tip of the Red Sea. The Israeli military announced that the town had been hit by a Palestinian rocket.

Gazan rockets also hit the cities of Be’er Sheva and Gan Yavne.

Red alert sirens have gone off in the Israeli city of Sha’ar HaNegev and the Eshkol regional council, as Palestinian resistance fighter fire retaliatory missiles into Israel.

Israeli TV has announced that Israel’s Iron Dome missile shield has intercepted only 310 out of 1,000 Palestinian rockets fired into Israel.

Who do you prefer?— The boy on the left or the girl on the right?

Any comparison between Israel and Hitler’s Germany is unfair to Germany. Such mischievous comparisons between the two states are based on distorted perceptions of World War II Germany on the one hand and of the genocidal and land-grabbing Zionist state on the other.

Who died of typhus? And who were killed?

Who are the heroes here, and who the villains?

Two children lie dead.
You are told to love and pity the first child,
the one on the left.
And you are told to regard the second child,
the one on the right,
as an evil terrorist:
and this is the child whose land is being stolen
and whose people are being slaughtered daily
in the world’s largest concentration camp:
G A Z A.


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  1. Stan Sikorski says:

    You will reap what you sew jews. My hope is that it comes soon enough for the people of Gaza. And don’t for a second think you’ll be safe here in the USSA. It’z Coming.

  2. ianholl says:

    Maybe the people of Gaza should step up and tell Hamas where to get off!

  3. FreeWheelinFrank says:

    The fact is for the last five years rocket fire has been terrorizing Israeli citizens and in 2012 the rocket fire has increased with over 1300 rockets being fired into Israeli territory sending Israeli citizens running for bomb shelters. These rockets have hit schools and residents living in these areas even killing some children. Hamas and Hezbollah want war with Israel. They think they have an inherent right to attack the Israelis without retaliation. No country in the world would accept this arrangement without a massive retaliatory response. It is Hamas who is responsible for the Palestinian dead because it is Hamas who wants war with Israel. Israel has long been seeking negotiations with a failed Palestinian leadership going back to Arafat. In the meantime the Palestinians receive billions of dollars in aid from around the world. Instead of building an infrastructure of peace to help their people live a better life they choose war and use the monies to purchase weapons. Many of which have been outlawed since Oslo. In fact the Palestinians have violated every peace agreement they’ve ever made with Israeli’s. From Oslo to the Tenett plan to the Mitchell plan to Land for Peace. It has been shown they falsify and exaggerate the number of dead. There have been numerous attempts to blame the Israelis for killing of Palestinian civilians when in reality home made rockets fired by third party militant groups have strayed and end up killing their own. The Arab media intentionally distorts the facts and even uses photo-shop to exaggerate the damage and blame the Israelis. Israel maintains its right to self-defense and the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah should be eliminated once and for all without the interference of the UN. This is also an Iranian sponsored war to take the spotlight off their Nuclear capabilities which we all know will not be used for peaceful purposes.

    • P. R. Talla-Sikorski says:

      Hey Frank! Do you really think that intelligent Americans who follow what is really going on… will buy your explanation? We have seen Israel getting financed by America and given all the military gear. It is Israel that has been itching to start a war and try to prove that they are heroes. Old BiBi wants to go out in a blaze of hero worship by his country of jews. I say… we take away their fighter jets that were given to them, their missiles and do not send the mllions of dollars over to them. Wipe them out of our banking system, our Congress, our administrations and of course, our businesses and movie industry. We will see a better world.

    • faisal says:

      Hey @FreeWheelInFrank how would you react if I come to your land for asylum, get it and then by hook and crook I start capturing your motherland, eventually forcing the original land inhabitants to just a small strip of land. How would you feel over it ?? Think over it and dont be hypocrate. How come would u then accept your land grabber to have “peace” talks with you ?

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