Italian Mafia declares war on Muslim migrants, Gambian migrant shot dead in the streets


Mafia bosses have ‘declared war’ against migrants on the holiday paradise of Sicily as one thousand new arrivals pour on to the island every week. The feared …


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  1. I have checked this idiot stupid videos, all looks like racism run in your blood, black vs white , muslims vs non-muslims, locals vs immigrants , such a pathetic paranoid little boy .

  2. Buba Zdtv says:

    so this man shot my gambian brother to death. you know what Europeans you guys have to be calm and cool if not something else will come that you don't expect

  3. Buba Zdtv says:

    What is muslim cristian white black blue. We are human beings for me I think some Europeans are sick in there ass

  4. Gog Mclaine says:

    The mafia murders for business. If thyy can use immigrants (for selling drugs) they will use them.
    I cannot believe people are that stupid

  5. koreanmarco says:

    They should declare war on isis

  6. 1MacCrack1 says:

    Good thing someone takes care of Europe. These thiefy little cunts don't belong in Europe, and never will. Their Stone Age beliefs and view on the world belongs where they come from. If you can't handle women not being dressed in garbage bags, our laws, culture, and want to change us.. I have a special message for you; go home and die.

  7. Jp Hallo says:

    great! finally! here in holland maffia is gay and suck cock of muslim

  8. You know for a fact that guy is going to be a fucking legend in prison.

    I'd shake his hand my self, I'd have kissed him if he shot more than one, and I'd have blown him if he killed them all.

  9. Arno Baur says:

    thats good viva la mafia italiano

  10. the guy was defending his nation against rapist, pedophiles, murderers, those people are a threat to national security, and that hero was doing a job authorities failed to do

  11. This isn't the first time they have taken over Europe. This is the first time they have done it without a fight and with the help of European governments jailing their own people for speaking out against it. The emperors new clothes 2.0

  12. Abu Umar says:

    The great and the worst mstake which is really shameful that some European countries were added into EU.
    Education is needed everywhere and at all time. If the Kuln story occurred in Eastern Europe, it would not pass safely and calmly.
    Jewish people fail to ceate troubles in the countries where educated people are available if they don't trust Media

  13. avner Maman says:

    poor western world , so naive , sadly the west is about to wake up to a bitter reality . and only then will the leaders say it openly that islam and muslims are a danger to western beliefs and way of life , but sadly it will be too late already
    muslims are not here to get integrated , they are here to conquer , dominate and and force unbelievers to convert to islam or die
    and their weapon is demography, children , they have up to 4 wives with up to 12 kids each

  14. Rezah6 says:

    LOL racist white people trying to be scary like the KKK. go to the Arab lands and see true bravery when a kid stands in front of a tank to protect his siblings. you white racists bigots would rather save yourselves you self ritous idiots.

  15. gene5594 says:

    Bah Fungu, black shits!!!!!

  16. Sicily and Italy are being invaded, and can do nothing to stop it. The EU won't let Italy raise a finger to the refugees/invaders. Italy has to leave the EU to stop it.

  17. Zero Hero says:

    lets hope they kill many many more smelly migrant rapist dogs hell must be starting to fill up because thats were muslims all go when then die

  18. Genius! We bomb their countries and arm terror-groups and dictators over there, then the people get massacred and start to leave their country and become refugees, here is the genius part, they leave their countries to not to die, then they get killed here by some ISIS-European barbarics, nice one… im german myself and if this is how our european society looks like, then i guess… we will have a world war 3, there is no way around it, i dont want to be european anymore, fuck it, disgusting, meanwhile greecs got completly destroyed by the banksters and you stupid folks are raging about some migrants and kill them? disgusting…

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