Italy: 5,700 migrants picked up in Med giving Italy its highest no. of arrivals ever


Around 5700 migrants travelling from the African continent were picked up from the Mediterranean Sea over a reported 24 rescue operations during the …


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  1. N.G.E. ELLAS says:

    that is the end of Europe! in few years ….. bye bye culture ,roots , and race….

  2. Big Lebowski says:

    How did they all get the same lifejackets?

  3. ANP Dz says:

    lol sorry europe , Gaddafi is not here anymore to protect you

  4. And what europeans doing? Nothing, just watching the invasors.

  5. The Chroma says:

    Welcome to Europa Union !

  6. Power Sports says:

    Why don't they build a wall instead they are encouraging more and more to come, what if western Europe said we are not going to take any more from you for national security reasons, i bet they would then.

  7. Refugees are welcome in "europe"

  8. toufiq rabhi says:

    Ha ha this is weapon of mass destruction

  9. Illegal immigrants^

  10. Eric Borman says:

    sink these boats with the refugees on them! it would be fun to watch these rats drown.

  11. Liber Man says:

    As EU politicians (puppets of Washington) like to give to its inhabitants many gifts(trojans), year after year. Millions.

  12. xzx says:

    please do not come we do not have room and you are putting tremendous strain on us….but we insist…..wait how is this not an invasion again?

  13. The west should kill Ganddafi.

  14. stop picking them up then it might stop

  15. 1nammed says:

    Professionally done!! Good & great & excellent…Now go to Italy & other European countries bring the Islamic laws and destroy those mother fuckers in Europe…. Welcome…Welcome..Welcome

  16. Negri, Marocchini e probabilmente Eritrei che saltano la leva militare.

    Ce ne fosse uno vero di rifugiato… Di Siriani, Iraqeni, Afghani, nemmeno l'ombra.

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