Joel Skousen: Russia vs Turkey Is The Beginning To World War 3


survival expert Joel Skousen breaks the fast-moving events in Syria as Russia mobilizes for war after the shooting down of his plane earlier in


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  1. I see the next generation government a way to stay in a cubicle for making good money swallowing up taxpayers money everyone every nationality wants to joining the something that's going to help them survive and raise their families for generations to come and if this is the part of government that kills millions innocent people to stay employed and be well endowed with money for the future overdose huge greed of employment job benefits of being employed by the government humans are humans and power is that true major flaw.

  2. Anything in that region can start it.

  3. If they consider it WW-IV because of the cold war, there would be many other's throughout time that qualify lol. And they will have to relabel I and II.

  4. tl04r says:

    This guy has thick glasses.

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