Jóhann Jóhannsson – Heptapod B [From “Arrival” Soundtrack / Pseudo Video]


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Jóhann Jóhannsson – Heptapod B [From “Arrival” Soundtrack / Pseudo Video] – Contemporary Classical Music – From “Arrival” Soundtrack

Arrival (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Jóhann Jóhannsson is the Icelandic composer’s third original film score for director Denis Villeneuve and his second release on the Yellow Label. Jóhannsson combined both classical and avant-garde elements in his compositions, augmenting his already unique approach of combining orchestral writing with digital sound processing.
Composer: Jóhann Jóhannsson
Repertoire: Heptapod B [From “Arrival” Soundtrack / Pseudo Video]
Artists: Jóhann Jóhannsson
Video Producer: Jóhann Jóhannsson
Video Director: Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin
Production Company: Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin



39 Responses

  1. Paola Diego says:

    this is what I enjoy the most in "the arrival" movie

  2. Salem Saleh says:

    I hear "wattan' which in Arabic means "home" but I don't know

  3. ?what-ah? What-ah? What-ah no, what-ah no. Buona notte? Buona notte? Buona notte no.?It's Italian ?

  4. 기장 says:

    와 진짜 이영화보면서 많이 소름돋았고 최고의 영화였다i am korean…this movie is my best movie best best more best movie and and nice OST

  5. No Oscar nomination for the OST and for best actress Amy Adams! WTF??!! That award is a piece of s**t…

  6. someone should make a sick remix with this

  7. ЗАЧАРОВАНО!!!!!!!КЛАС!!!

  8. 23 poeple in the world who need to open their eyes, and hear the music with their soul

  9. Waltz Joel says:

    Honestly I'm more shocked with this soundtrack than the movie itself. Can't believe this soundtrack's come from a human being. Guess Johann should admit he's one of the aliens. Respect!

  10. Attack of the giant pussy!

  11. This song makes me orgas— no, I mean eargasm

  12. Genji Otb says:

    وطنا ~ وطنا ~ وطنا ?

  13. N S says:

    Where can i find lyrics?

  14. Do the soft nah nah nah's remind anyone of another song? It reminds me of a popular radio play song from the 90's or early 2000's but I can't remember the name of it or any of the lyrics for that matter! The song starts with the same nah nah nah sound and it's sang by a male singer. It's driving me crazy!

  15. This song makes me scared. It makes my heart beat faster. It makes my breaths quicken.

  16. Awesome Track. Intrinsic. Divine.

  17. music to do phonological analysis to

  18. Nino Purgar says:

    Do we hear that in the movie?

  19. ray mcknight says:

    I cant resist this masterpiece art of work…this soundtrack really help me to concentrate while studying, and make me extremely relax…I should buy his all of Arrival soundtrack

  20. Egor Ananyev says:

    From Royksopp to Sibelius, the vastness of snow, with only a few human specs to breathe warmth into the landscape. A distinctive Northern sound.

  21. Adrian More says:

    I don't like this youtube. I LOVE this. thanks.

  22. Nimesh d says:

    everyone here saying that the movie was depressing but I didn't feel that way…I don't know why..

  23. great ost ! great movie ! , reminds me the ost of Ghost in the shell arise ovas endings ! the music that Cornelius made for Arise

  24. Saidif Mejia says:

    gotta be honest. i'm getting major daniel radcliffe and paul dano vibes from swiss army man after hearing those vocals.

  25. One of the most awesome soundtrack's i ever listen

  26. this movie was depressing as fuck….. but it also opened the way i was thinking. just reach a little further

  27. Brillant music for a brillant film <3

  28. Myk McGrane says:

    Thank you for this wonderful trrack. Been a fan of yours for years. So glad you and Denis have such a rich and rewarding relationship in film that compliments each other so nicely.,

  29. Oh no! I was listening this and now I live in the 4th dimension! I want to go back!
    While I write this words You all are dead and born again and again.

  30. Villeneuve, Johannsson, Deakins… Blade Runner sequel is in good hands!!!!

  31. ezzy says:

    what the? what the?
    want a nut meg?
    want a nut meg? no.

  32. "Can't stop the feeling" from Trolls is now an oscar nominated piece of music and this gets snubbed, are you fucking shitting me?

  33. xor2086 says:

    20 people cant understand the heptapods

  34. To my bestfriends mum on her anniversary…to Joan and the people who are in and have been apart of our lives…we are all the universe and the universe is US…beautiful SOARING trak and movie to boot…????

  35. This movie has the best soundtrack ever

  36. E Schur says:

    The soundtrack is just as alien as the movie. Such a masterpiece..

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