John Hagee – “World War 3 is Underway”


World War 3 already taking place and the foundation of which has already been put into place.


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  1. It's HEAR this guy, NOT HERE this guy, go back to school please

  2. Sarah Gold says:

     People time is running out please get save NOW. Please Pray This: Jesus, I believe you came to earth, I believe you died on the Cross for my sins. I believe you rose again on the 3rd day and went back to Heaven. Please forgive me of my sins. Clean my heart, white as snow. Come live in my heart, make me a child of the King, a new creature in Christ, in your precious Name I ask this…amen. Please pray this and be saved now get a bible and read it every day pray to Jesus every day find a church that worships on Saturday and get water baptized soon because we are in the last days we don't have much time left Obama the A/C and the false prophet Francis 1 will have their powers of sign and wonders to deceive people in 2014 when the 7 year peace plan passed in March the great flood is coming soon and it will kill many people and you and you should get saved now the flood could happen in December or January it very soon.

  3. John Hagee is insane.  If you follow John Hagee, you are insane.

  4. shawn dahl says:

    & the war goes on today, Obama is leading us to defeat in it.

  5. Steve Reid says:

    thank you for your comments my question is would you or do you know any preacher that would take the doctrine of faith alone and say to the bride and her bridegroom at their ceremony I want to insert the principles of faith alone today in your wedding vows . Now I want you to think about what is about to happen listen to what that preacher would say to them. today we have come together to joined these two in HOLY matrimony to day begins the union of these two who love each other today they are beginning their journey. Mr. bridegroom will you take your bride to love and honor and cherish to death do you apart ? and always know this your faith must be alone . that means when you say your vows today to one another our doctrine of faith alone teaches that both of you are sinners saved by grace and you can not earn your love for one another if you try to be faithful which you cannot because no one is righteous we all are adultery sinful humans and all the faithfulness that either one of you do for one another that would be self righteous filthy rags. now do you bride take your bridegroom to be your husband? she says NO WAY not under those conditions. NOW does this make any since to you? See the bridegroom looks at the preacher and says you are FIRED. would you fire the minster who would say such things at your wedding ceremony? you should and at your church also. the answer is yes all BRIDES AND BRIDEGROOM would FIRE THAT PREACHER .even all FAITH ALONE BELEIVERS WOULD FIRE HIM Now do you see the faith alone doctrine will not work in a marriage ? it is outrageous to even think some one would even allow the principles of FAITH ALONE DOCTRINE to be SAID in their wedding vows at their wedding ceremony. but that is what is happening in our churches right at the a altar where people comment their life and accept the LORD their bridegroom they are told that they are a filthy rag that means no body is righteous we all are filthy sinners they are also told by the faith alone teachers that all the faithfulness they want to show the bridegroom the LORD and to prove their love FOR HIM is self righteous Rags at the same place where people say their vows and also people receive CHRIST , Now what does this all mean? Number one they are presenting the bride a unfaithful no not one is good we all are sinners and no body is without sin and all the wonderful things we do as his bride is all self righteous filthy rags but that is why I am asking all faith alone believers who are engaged and about to get married will you allow the faith alone principles or vows to be said to one another at your wedding ceremony? if you want then why do you allow these faith alone teachers to say them to us and yourself the bride of Christ ? because you are also the bride of Christ. Now my final point. Would you allow the principles of faith alone to be recited at some ones wedding you know personally? yes or no? thank you for your comments .these questions are very simple and clear to the point I am just trying to find truth. hope to here from you or any believer who is seeking truth. Steve Reid
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  6. America needs to throw some ice water in their face. Iranian government will do ANYTHING to get us to surrender. Don't EVER say that the wars over. The President and the left-media are making their own war to openly accept anybody to their country (EX. Boston Bombing). Every single filler-up that's coming from your motor is coming DIRECTLY to Saudi Arabia, don't be too in denial just like how England was denial with Nazi Germany. Jonh Hagee is right as rain with this speech. And for you people out there saying that i'm bluffing, you have just begun to TEST THE WILL of Islamic terrorism. So, kick yourselfs in the butt, stomp on your feet and say that WW3 is now waiting for us at your footsteps, FIGHT…..VOTE….and WATCH the miracle  happen!! Amen.


  8. New Covenant says:

    World War 3 has already begun.  We don't believe it because war isn't taking place all over the world every day all day.  But when we look at the situation head on WW3 has been building up for decades!  It's only just beginning to manifest itself.

  9. New Covenant says:

    God bless John H for his heart gripping talks!  Some reservations  about his singing voice!!  Reminds me of Vera Lynn singing to the flagging troops – "We'll meet again……..but I know we'll meet again some sunny…….?   

  10. Is the Christian/Islamic/Hebrew religion the worst one we've made up so far?

  11. Pat Walker says:

    Not all folks who buy into this nonsense would be considered stupid.  So what the hell is going on in their brains?

  12. This guy seems like he needs to take some laxatives. His constipation has him saying wild things. I sure he is on someone's payroll tss tss "representative of thy lord "

  13. Warning from HEAVEN 2 years ago
    Judgement from Heaven to John Haggee ——Almightywind or Amightywind End Time Prophecy 91
    John Hagee, You Are Doomed, Saith I, YAHUVEH!

    WitnessMinistries360 2 years ago
    That is exactly why America dropped the NUCLEAR bomb on Japan because the emperor said if U.S. Troops set foot on Japanese soil all the Japanese people were to "Kamikaze" or kill themselves wile fighting rather than be captured! Rather than send American troops in to die in VAIN! America dropped the bomb on Japan to save American lives from a suicide-istic death waging people! (America has plenty of it's OWN oil that it is just NOT using!)

    qbulb 2 years ago
    You don`t want to be in the wrong place when you die. See the video of 5 men who died and came back to tell what they saw. Some saw heaven but all saw hell. Search TO HELL AND BACK, RAWLINGS series of 9 ten-minute videos or one of about 90 minutes. Very interesting!

    James Chaney 4 years ago
    The Th0ught Pr0v0ker says…
    GOD works in mysterious ways

    a mysterious code in that word and name =26
    G7 O15 D4 using just simple alphanumerics
    there is no coincidence that there is that
    many letters in the English alphabet
    and letters make words we should trust GOD's word
    that name can be assured don't forget
    oh yeah JESUS code =74
    the first and last numbers of GOD
    something is 100% for sure

    2nd verse 'Good News' sounds better in my song…

    love love love!!!
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  14. Michael Cook says:

    Jolinski, I would be in great fear of God's wrath by attributing an ungodly statement to the Lord. God willmdeal with you. I know you think your blaspheme sounds cute. Hell is full of people like you. I pray you will repent of your sin before God smites you!

  15. Stanley Chan says:

    My wife is going to dead, thanks for everyone!!

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