Kanye West KIDNAPPED By Illuminati!


Kanye West spewed the truth and now he has been arrested and sent to a mental institution… is he betraying the illuminati and standing up for what’s right?


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  1. omg I been knew this its nothing damn he isn't saying nothing stupid ass people smh

  2. Greg Plummer says:

    lmao people were booing him ?they want there money back

  3. Never liked him but I feel for him as he is being attacked for telling the truth…looks like he had enough of being a slave to music industry

  4. You americahns are so sick in your heads. Of course Hillary wasn't votable, but not for being a satanist. But Trump is equally impossible! He's got his own "establishment". Man you're gonna be just as disappointed in the redneck trump as the people who 8 years ago were screaming "yes we can!".
    YOU should go see your psychiatrist too(doesn't every american have one?) — "recti" meaning "up your ass" haha!

  5. like I said he will b dead next just wait and u will c

  6. he finally broke threw the mind control..Now he's risking his life to warn the world …Wake Up people this is a curl Fuck up world..

  7. dako117 says:

    bro kayne is one of the smartest rappers i know dont care what you say

  8. BRian GOwran says:

    Kanye is speaking the truth. Never liked him before but now he is an ace up our sleeves.

  9. freshair3451 says:

    Damn…You people are fucking bored.

  10. STRADA says:

    What's the intro song

  11. Why is there always a secret?  What is it with you young kids and ILLUMINATI???  He has mental health problems.  That's all.  It could be bi-polar or schizophrenia.

  12. 'Here's the bars of a white dude on that shit
    I hear Kanye be crazier than bat shit
    like nigga pullin crap out his hat shit
    black mac turned to jack with his wack shit'
    – Redemptor

    See I just made that up as quick as I could write it…
    Rap is really losing it's muscle…
    It's so bad these days I see producers using 7 yr old kids to rap..

    Back to Rock where you actually need talent!

  13. I hope they lobotomize him. he's an idiot

  14. Janet Trazo says:

    bad ass no longer in power…. Let them go to hell!

  15. ygb salsa says:

    they don't want him to tell us what they doing

  16. T Surd says:

    hes is str8 up fukin the illuminati media cotroled colt .

  17. he said Kanye pest ????????

  18. Maxx Milano says:

    Just made a youtube channel recently, the link I put next to this comment is my video on kanye vs jay z/beyonce, secret things he did for them and some illuminati stuff. Check it out if you get a chance or if not that's cool too. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d202sATQH8

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