Kanye West: The Rise and Fall of an Illuminati Mind Controlled Alien & EXPOSING the Occult


If you’re looking for the ONLY book that explores the occult possession of hip hop; get it here (*As featured on SHADE45’s All Out Show, COMPLEX Magazine, …


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  1. -Nic _Ola- says:

    I'm always more sure that the bavarian illuminati are good

  2. when you say channeling aliens you really mean Demonic They will lie to us and tell us its aliens but really They are str8 out of revelations And They Are DEMONS!

  3. LtheYAK says:

    Getting booed for speaking the truth these fucking zombies man….

  4. LtheYAK says:

    Steven hawkings is a vegetable too you think he is really speaking them words or typing them words?
    Hes there as a retarded puppet that everyone thinks is the smartest person in the world..
    Looking for aliens lol hes getting people ready for the pre planned project bluebeam.

  5. It's sad because he has been trying to tell outsiders this for years. When he was placedwith Kim K he quieted down. Guess he's had enough.

  6. mtajackal1 says:

    The Name JIM JONES is a code name that was use to alert the hospital to what they were dealing with, and to prepare!……….HOSPITAL,MK ULTRA HISTORY. Research the real JIM JONES!!!!! NOT THE RAPPER!!!!

  7. asenath7766 says:

    Catching up with this! Wow, first time I'm hearing the audio of his rant…

  8. Outstanding! Brilliant piece of work. More please!!!

  9. asenath7766 says:

    Listening to the sheep telling him to shut up is priceless.

  10. EJacxs says:

    why are people making jokes about these this is serious shit

  11. Wow!  A very thorough, in depth analysis–more so than any I have seen before regarding this incident.  Very good!!!

  12. Sherry K says:

    excellent work!! i was unsubbed to you by no doing of myself. subbed again!

  13. abe says:

    only the holy spirit can give u truth

  14. +illuminat watcher// they didnt mean the rapper jim jones,, its the preacher the cult leader that killed thousands in g t guyana in the 80's. he was from the bay area, cal..FACTS

  15. checkout your subscriber numbers. 666 ???

  16. sick fuckers have us by the balls

  17. This was an amazing body of work…Great job!

  18. Vee Vee says:

    Fu€k being Cool!!! …."Go Kayne… We need you go deeper than Tay Zaynde" …you spit truth to these stupid brainwashed zombies..explaining it's better 2 think 4 urself than letting others think 4 U,. In return they diss U & admit they prefer being led like Sheeps to the slaughter.

  19. wow! people wake up !

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